Earning CV Points

Q. What are CV Points?

Q. What is the criteria to earn CV Points on Vistara flights?

Q. What is the procedure for CV Points to be credited to my account?

Q. How can a member claim missing CV Points for flights taken in the past with Vistara?

Q. Are there any restrictions on earning CV Points?

Q. What is the validity of CV Points?

Q. Can I earn CV Points for flights taken prior to my enrolment in CV?

Q. Why does a flight not get auto recorded, despite quoting the CV ID?

Q. If a member cancels their flight, does he/she lose those CV Points?

Q. If Vistara cancels a flight and refunds passengers, will they still be eligible for CV Points?

Q. Can a member earn CV Points on the flights taken with Partner Airlines?

Q. Will CV members booking Economy Lite fare directly from our website or mobile app get 100 bonus CV Points for direct bookings?

Q. Is there any change for CV members for earning CV Points with Vistara Freedom Fares?