Membership & Enrolment

Q. How can I become the member of Club Vistara?

Q. What is the age for enrolling with Club Vistara?

Q. Can my family/company become a member of the CV Program?

Q. If I have filled up the physical enrolment form during my recent travel on Vistara, do I have to register online again?

Q. I have forgotten my CV ID. Can I enrol again from your website?

Q. I have forgotten my CV login password. What can I do?

Q. What is the procedure to enrol a minor in Club Vistara?

Q. How can one download the Club Vistara membership card?

Q. Will a new CV membership number be generated when I enrol a child?

Q. I would like to make changes to my name and date of birth in my account. How can I do that?