Redeeming CV Points

Q. How do I redeem my CV Points?

Q. Can CV Points earned by a CV member be used to purchase an Award Flight ticket for family members?

Q. Can CV Points be used to upgrade the cabin class?

Q. Can a CV Platinum, Gold or Silver member use an upgrade voucher/CV Points when booked on an Economy Lite fare?

Q. How many days in advance do I have to book my Award Flight on Vistara?

Q. Can I redeem an Award Flight in my friend’s/family members’ name?

Q. Do I get a re-credit of CV Points if I cancel my Award Flight?

Q. I am short of a few CV Points for an Award Flight. Can I buy the balance amount?

Q. Can Award Flights be redeemed for children? If yes, how many CV Points will be required for the same?

Q. Can CV Points be redeemed on Partner Airlines?