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View Vouchers & Extend Voucher Validity

View the details of the Club Vistara vouchers credited to your account. You will also be able to extend the validity of vouchers that have expired or are about to expire. 

How to extend?

The validity of your Club Vistara Vouchers can be extended by paying a fee. Click here to view detailed terms & conditions.

Steps to extend :

  1. Please select the earliest expiring voucher or an already expired voucher
  2. Navigate to ‘Extend Voucher Validity’ section 
  3. Click on submit and proceed with payment (entering GST information is optional)
  4. On successful payment, the voucher will be extended for 3 months from the date of expiry (Effective 02-Dec-21).

Club Vistara Tip: We recommend extending the voucher validity closer to the expiry date or after the voucher is expired, within 90 day period.

Click here for the process to redeem your vouchers along with the detailed terms & conditions.  

Extend Voucher Validity

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Redeem Complimentary Vouchers

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On-Demand Voucher Generation

We offer you an option to issue your Complimentary ticket vouchers online before you redeem it as per your choice.

Follow the below steps to issue the desired voucher:

  1. Click on ‘Issue’ button
  2. Voucher will be issued immediately to ‘My Vouchers’ with a unique voucher code and a validity of 03 months from the date of issuance

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