Redeem Award Flights

We cannot think of a better way to spend the points earned than going on travel adventures! Redeem your accumulated CV Points for Award Flights that let you explore the Vistara network for free! Choose to relax by the beach, explore the history of a sacred city or opt for a thrilling adventure – you have the freedom to do what you love with Club Vistara!

Take your pick from a host of domestic and international destinations on India’s Best Airline and get going!

To view CV Points required for Award Flights for travel within and outside India, click here.

How to redeem an Award Flight

1. LogIn

Login to your CV account through Vistara website.

2. My Account

Click on "Redeem Now" button

3. Redeem Award Flight

Click on "Redeem Flights" to search Flight.

4. Flight Selection

Select Flight to redeem CV Points and click on "Next".


5. Review Flight

Review flight details and click on "Next" to proceed

6. Passengers Selection

Enter passenger details and click on "Next". Award Flights can be redeemed for upto 8 nominees.

7. Payment

Select payment methods and fill in the details

8. Confirmation

You have successfully redeemed the Award Flight(s) using CV Points.

9. Change and Modify

Call CSC at +91 9289228888 to cancel or make any changes to the Award Flight.

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