Refer and Earn CV Points

We hope you are enjoying the benefits of the fastest rewarding frequent flyer program. Why not share the delight with your loved ones? Refer your friend or family member for Club Vistara and earn up to 1000 bonus CV Points!For each referred member, you will earn 200 bonus CV Points on completion of your friends’ first flight, while your friend earns 500 welcome CV Points. You can refer up to 5 friends as a part of the program.

Steps for a successful referral:


Your friend can enrol as a member by clicking on the 'Enrol' tab on the top right corner on Vistara website homepage


While filling out the form, make sure your friend enters your CV ID in the referral ID field


Once the referred member completes his/her first flight with Vistara, 500 bonus CV Points will be credited to their account while 200 CV Points will be credited to the account of the referring member. Refer and earn bonus CV Points to redeem for a getaway with friends and family!

Terms and Conditions:
  • Bonus CV Points can only be earned by the referring member on successful completion of first flight with Vistara by the referred member.
  • The bonus CV Points will be credited in the referring member’s CV ID only when the referred member mentions their CV ID at the time of booking/check-in or applies for retro claim.
  • Referring member can successfully refer up to 5 CV members and earn up to 1000 CV Points.
  • All offers are subject to change without prior notice and may not be combined with any other offer unless stated otherwise.
  • All other standard Vistara and Club Vistara Terms & Conditions apply.


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