Book your stay at The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo our newest stay partner and earn Club Vistara Points! All Club Vistara members earn 600 CV Points for room reservations per night.

As part of this association, you can earn CV Points through a simple process:

  • Club Vistara members will have to make room reservations from The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo official website ( to earn Club Vistara Points on their room reservations
  • Club Vistara members need to mention their CV ID at the time of making their reservation on the guest information and payment page
  • Club Vistara members need to show their digital CV ID card for verification purposes at The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo Front Desk
  • Log-in and check 'My Account' to confirm if your CV Points have been credited.
  • It may take up to 60 days from the date of you completing your stay with The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo for Club Vistara Points to be credited to your CV account.

For any hotel booking related queries, please email or call Room Reservations (24x7) on +94112421221

About The Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo

Bejeweled as one of the finest five-star city hotels located in the heart of Colombo by the banks of the great Indian Ocean and in close proximity to Galle Face Green, the World Trade Centre and the Dutch Hospital Precinct, we welcome you to The Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo. With easy access for your shopping, entertainment and business needs, we will ensure your stay is perfect and your experiences are complete.

Terms and Conditions
  • Only a Club Vistara member (CV member) with a valid Club Vistara ID (CV ID) is eligible for the aforesaid ‘The Kingsbury Colombo Club Vistara Point (CV Point) Earn partnership offer’ (“partnership offer”).
  • CV member must quote their CV ID when making the reservation online during the booking process on the guest information and payment page or during check-in at the hotel and ask for it to be applied to the booking for earning of Club Vistara Points.
  • Club Vistara Points can only be earned on bookings made online via
  • Club Vistara Points cannot be earned on bookings made via Online Travel Agents, third party travel websites, and bookings made via tour operators and travel agents on their contracted rates.
  • Club Vistara Points can be earned only on eligible spends or charges. Eligible spends or Eligible charges are charges incurred on eligible room rates. These do not include charges on:
    • Room rates for group bookings, conferences, weddings, and events
    • Room rates for airline staff and crew
    • Friends & Family rate or Employee rates
    • Room rates for rooms booked as office space
    • Complimentary rooms
  • Club Vistara Points earned will be posted to the CV ID (provided at the time of reservation or check-in) within 60 days after completion of the hotel stay. In the event a booking is cancelled, Club Vistara Points will not be awarded.
  • In case CV ID is not mentioned or an invalid CV ID is entered at the time of booking, member cannot claim Club Vistara Points for her/his stay.
  • This partnership offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer(s).
  • Offer is subject to change without prior notice. In case of any dispute, The Kingsbury Colombo. and Vistara reserve the right of final decision.
  • By availing this partnership offer, the members shall be deemed to have accepted all the aforesaid terms and conditions.
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