9.3.1 Unlike Award Flight bookings where limited seats are available within each cabin class, Cash + Points allows members to use their CV Points to make a booking for all the available seats for a particular flight.

9.3.2 Cash + Points is not valid for special fares such as Senior Citizens, Students and Defense Personnel.

9.3.3 Ancillaries can only be purchased in cash while booked using Cash + Points..

9.3.4 The booking can only be made for a CV member or nominees by logging on our website airvistara.com for flights operated and marketed by Vistara.

9.3.5 Members will earn CV Points and Tier Points for the cash portion of the base fare. The number of CV Points and Tier Points earned will be calculated on the base fare paid in the applicable currency. If a member chooses to convert 100% of the base fare (excluding surcharges), the booking will not be eligible to earn CV Points, Tier Points or number of flights for our Tier Evaluation Criteria. 

9.3.6 Cancellation can be made by contacting our Customer Service Centre at +91 9289228888 and penalty will be as per the revenue booking class fare rules.

9.3.7 Modifications can be done online as per the fare rules in cash only (Credit/ Debit card).

9.3.8 In case the cancellation fee is more than the amount paid in cash, then the remaining part of the cancellation fee will be charged in CV Points. Remaining CV Points will be refunded to the member's CV account.

9.3.9 Failure to utilize a flight i.e. "no show" will result in the airline's cancellation of any onward or return reservations and CV Points cannot be re-credited for all such flights in the itinerary.

9.3.10 Attractive Award Flight fares will continue to be available.

9.3.11 Cash + Points is not available to upgrade existing bookings.

9.3.12 Cash + Points bookings can be upgraded using One class upgrade vouchers or CV Points as per sector and as applicable.

9.3.13 Cash + Points bookings will be considered for number of flights criteria upon taking the flight successfully as per our tier evaluation.

9.3.14 Refunds for tickets purchased partially or entirely with CV Points: Completely unused tickets will be refunded in cash for the portion of the tickets purchased with cash, plus taxes and CV Points will be returned to the account holder who made the booking if their validity is still valid on the application date for the refund. Partially used ticket will be refunded in cash for unused flight segments and taxes, but CV Points cannot be refunded.

9.3.15 Taxes, fees and surcharges cannot be converted into CV Points. Surcharges may be included in base fare and in such cases, base fare excluding the surcharges can be paid for, using CV Points.

9.3.16 All taxes, fuel surcharges and fees shall be collected separately in the applicable currency. All fees and charges applicable are non-refundable.

9.3.17 Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Member must ensure that he or she has the correct visa, travel documents and inoculations (including those for infants) for travel.

9.3.18 Club Vistara may, at its sole discretion, and without prior notice, amend the rate (number of CV Points) at which CV Points are redeemed.

9.3.19 Club Vistara may prohibit award redemption for any Member at its discretion or when required by law or otherwise in line with Program Rules.