Frequently Asked Questions: Manage My Booking

What can I do through Manage Booking?

How do I cancel my ticket?

Am I eligible for a refund?

Are there any cancellation charges?

Will I be charged a fee for changing my flight?

How do I access Manage Booking?

Are Vistara Direct benefits applicable to all fare categories under Vistara Freedom Fares?

Will I continue to enjoy Armed Forces discount/Student Discount/Friends and Family Discount and Senior Citizen Discount, and the respective baggage allowance under Vistara Freedom Fares?

Are there any changes to the complimentary meals service onboard?

What modes of payment are accepted for Buy-on-Board purchases?

As an Economy Lite passenger, can I pre-book and pre-pay for my meal at the time of booking?

Can I select my seat in advance when on an Economy Lite fare, and is there a fee for it?

If I have purchased an Economy Standard ticket and wish to upgrade to Premium Economy at the airport, which Vistara Freedom Fare will I be upgraded to?

If I have booked one fare for one leg and a separate fare for the second leg of the journey, which fare rule will apply?

If I book a ticket on an online travel portal, will I know which fare category I will get?

Where can I get more information on Economy Lite fares?

Can I change my origin and destination through the Manage Booking facility?

If I am unable to travel and would like to transfer the ticket to another person, can I amend the name online?

How can I reprint my e-ticket itinerary?