Exclusive Offer

Make Premium Economy your new comfort zone and get ready for some blissful indulgence.

Fly with us in Premium Economy a minimum of 4 times or more in December to any of the destinations on the Vistara network and  get rewarded with 50% off discount coupons for your next domestic Vistara flight!

The more you fly Premium Economy, the more discount coupons you earn!

Here’s how – 

Number of Flights taken in Premium Economy
Discount Coupons you earn

4 one way or 2 return flights ✈

1st 50% off discount coupon

6 one way or 3 return flights ✈

2nd 50% off discount coupon

8 one way or 4 return flights ✈

3rd 50% off discount coupon

10 one way or 5 return flights ✈

4th 50% off discount coupon

We want you to have an incredible travel experience and get more of #WhatYouLove with every flight. 

This is your chance to make the most of this exclusive offer that ends on 31-December-2022.

Terms and Conditions


  • The FlyPremium offer is applicable only for Club Vistara members. If not a Club Vistara member, the user must enrol with Club Vistara to avail the offer. Kindly provide your CV ID at the time of booking/check-in to enjoy the offer.
  • Club Vistara members will be eligible for this offer on completion of 4/6/8/10 revenue flights in Premium Economy (4/6/8/10 one-way or 2/3/4/5 return flights or a combination of return and one-way flights) flown in a calendar month.
  • Premium Economy Flights across the entire Vistara network will be considered for eligibility for this offer whether booked directly or indirectly.  
  • The Premium Economy flights required to qualify for this offer should be only on the Vistara network and should be marketed and operated by Vistara.
  • Retro claims, Award flight tickets (redemption flights), upgraded flight tickets, complimentary voucher ticket bookings, already discounted tickets will not be considered for the qualification of this offer.
  • Economy tickets upgraded to Premium Economy at the airport or via the website will not qualify for this offer.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer/discounts/promotion.
  • It may take up to 7 days for CV member to receive the discount coupon promo code.


  • The discount coupon will be valid on One-way Domestic Premium Economy flight booked and flown within one month of date of coupon issuance.
  • The discount will be applicable on base fare for booking in Premium Economy travel within India.
  • The discount coupon code will be sent to you within 7 working days of meeting the eligibility.
  • The discount coupon is for one-time use only and will be valid only for one passenger on a single PNR.
  • Any change in the discounted flight booking like cancellations, flight/date change will be chargeable as per applicable fare rules. Name change and re-routing requests are not permissible.
  • Club Vistara reserves the right to withdraw the offer without prior intimation.
  • All other standard Vistara and Club Vistara program terms and conditions apply.
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