Club Vistara Escapades Winners Announced!


We are pleased to announce the winners of Club Vistara Escapades below -

Retail Therapy Escapade Winner -

  • Ms. Ananya Munish
  • Ms. Anhad Bhullar Malhotra

Gourmet Escapade Winner -

  • Mr Harveen Johar
  • Ms Aahuti Jayeshkumar Sejpal
  • Mrs Pallavi Purani

HeartIsland Escapade Winner -

  • Preeti Verma 

Paradise Escapade Winners –

  • Nitinn Sharma
  • Rubeena Akhtar

Harmony Escapade Winners –

  • Aditya Sharma
  • Rini Chatterjee

Skydive Escapade Winners –

  • Anne Mathias
  • Purnima Jha

Everest Base Camp Escapade Winners –

  • Rajat Kapoor 
  • Dharmin Thakkar

Ladakh Overlanding Escapade Winners –

  • Mamta Gandhi
  • Saurabh Dhar

Congratulations to all winners and thank you everyone for your participation. We will get in touch with all the winners directly via email.

If you missed the chance of participating this time, stay tuned for two exciting new Escapades coming up.

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