Notes of Tranquility

In a first-of-its-kind event, we invited top Club Vistara Platinum members to an exclusive experience - Notes of Tranquillity. Our intent was to leave our most loyal Platinum flyers with a unique experience and memories. Their only task was to slip away from daily life. Immerse themselves in a faraway land. Experience pampering crafted just for them.



Set in the serenity of Ladakh, this experience began like no other: with the names of each traveller etched on harmonicas, inviting them on this one-of-a-kind journey. Awaiting to welcome each of them and join them on this adventure were Vistara's Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Sanjiv Kapoor and Chief Financial Officer, Niyant Maru, amongst other senior officials.

Alchi Monastery

Every step of the journey was curated to suit the taste of each Club Vistara member. Musicians Kabir Cafe and Valentine Shipley serenaded the guests with their music and lulled them into relaxation. The 3-day trip climbed to new heights at the Alchi Monastery and was followed by a gastronomical adventure that included tea tasting and a succulent meal. The apricot tea, like fine wine, elevated the senses of the taste buds only to have them awash with culinary ecstasy after lunch by the Pangong lake. As the pure air of Pangong rejuvenated their senses, our travellers discovered each meal was tailored individually. Each morsel familiar yet exotic that elevated their experience in ways distinct to each.

A truly special experience to celebrate the special relationship that Club Vistara has with our Platinum members. We look forward to many more Platinum Exclusive experiences in the near future, hand-crafted with the promise of unmatched memories.

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