HDFC Diners

Vistara has partnered with HDFC Diners Club to elevate your travel experience!

Being a HDFC Diners Club Credit Cardholder, you can earn Reward Points that you can convert to Club Vistara Points for benefits like Award Flights and Upgrades.

Please find the conversion ratio table below:

Eligible Credit Cards
Diners Club Reward Points
Club Vistara Points
HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card and HDFC Bank Diners Club Miles Credit Card 1 1

To convert HDFC Bank Reward Points to Club Vistara Points, customer must first register their Club Vistara membership ID with HDFC Bank.

Please follow the below steps to register and then convert:

  • Log in to your Net banking account
  • Navigate to Credit Card section under Cards tab
  • Click on Enquire and navigate to Redeem Points
  • Select Club Vistara to register your Club Vistara Membership ID and mention the number of Reward Points you wish to convert to CV Points
  • The CV Points will be credited within 10-15 days of the conversion request.

About HDFC Diners Club

HDFC Bank Credit Card business joined hands with Diners Club International for an exclusive partnership in India to issue Diners/Discover Cards. Diners Club is known for its premium offerings and exclusive benefits worldwide and the same product platforms are curated for the Indian premium requirements and offered to customers exclusively by HDFC Bank Ltd.

With flagship10X Rewards, HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Cards allow customers to accrue Reward Points faster to redeem for a host of benefits.

Terms and Conditions

  • All HDFC Bank Diners Club Black & Club Miles card owners are eligible to earn HDFC Bank Reward Points and convert them to CV Points.
  • A credit card member must accumulate a minimum of 500 Reward Points to be eligible for conversion of Reward Points to CV Points.
  • A card member cannot transfer any points to another member or another credit card account.
  • Reward points once converted to CV Points cannot be reversed/cancelled.
  • The Club Vistara membership account will be credited within 10-15 days of the conversion request. In case the request is rejected, customers will be intimated within 10-15 days from the date of request.
  • A fee of INR 99 will be debited to the card account towards handling charges for all goods and services.
  • GST is chargeable on the Reward Redemption Processing Fee and GST levied on such fee is liable to be paid and cannot be cancelled or reversed.
  • During settlement of the redemption, if the Reward Points available for the transaction are deficient, the bank reserves the right to recover the differential amount through a debit to the card.
  • If the card member holds multiple HDFC Bank Credit Cards, redemption requests cannot be made by pooling Rewards Points on different card accounts.
  • TSAL and HDFC Bank reserve the right to change or amend this program without prior notice.
  • This offer shall be governed by the laws of India. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi. By availing this offer, the customers shall be deemed to have accepted all the aforesaid terms and conditions.
  • For the detailed list of Terms & Conditions of the HDFC Bank Credit Card Rewards Program, please click here.
  • All HDFC Bank and Club Vistara Terms and Conditions apply.