Deutsche Bahn

Vistara has partnered with Deutsche Bahn, the national railway company of Germany, to increase connectivity from Delhi to Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Switzerland (Zurich) and Belgium (Brussels) and vice versa.

When flying to/from Frankfurt with Vistara, you will be able to book your onward or return journey by train on the Deutsche Bahn as part of the Rail & Fly service. The booking will be part of one ticket issued by Vistara.

Book your complete journey:

Book your complete journey in one process from several major German train stations via Frankfurt directly to your final destination. Choose from the train stations here.

How does Rail & Fly work?

a. Passenger will have to “check-in” and obtain the train ticket by visiting, entering the PNR or e-ticket and their first and last name.

b. They will then be able to choose their preferred train and be seated in the coach (only trains that arrive 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the Vistara flight or 2 hours after the scheduled arrival of the Vistara flight will be available for selection). 

c. Once the passenger arrives in Frankfurt, they will clear immigration, collect their bag and proceed to the railway station at Frankfurt airport and then to their final destination (one of 5,600 railways stations on the Deutsche Bahn domestic network or to Amsterdam, Brussels, and  Zurich). 

d. The same process will work vice versa as well.

General Check-in Process

a.    Visit the website

b.    Enter your name and either your flight e‑ticket number or record locator.

c.    Choose whether your trip is outbound or inbound. You can add up to 4 passengers if they are using the same train for the entire route and are listed in the same flight booking.

d.    Choose your train connection (this is pre‑selected for interline travel).

e.    Confirm your booking.

f.     Check your email inbox and download your train ticket.  


Terms and Conditions for your Interline Journey on Deutsche Bahn

  • Tickets for travel on the rail sectors have to be issued in conjunction with Vistara flight sectors on the same ticket.
  • The standard Vistara ticketing policy applies as per the booked fare rules for the re-booking and cancellation of the train segments.
  • The train ticket is valid on the booked Deutsche Bahn train (as shown on the Vistara booking).
  • In case the Deutsche Bahn train is delayed and causes a missed connection to the outbound flight (from Germany), please reach out to Vistara to be rebooked to the next possible flight. In case of disruptions to the inbound flight (into Germany), resulting in a missed connection of the train already booked -Deutsche Bahn will accept passengers on the next available train.
  • Deutsche Bahn will honor Vistara’s baggage allowance on its trains.
  • Baggage will not be through‑checked by Deutsche Bahn onto Vistara flight or vice versa and passengers are responsible for carriage of their bags on and off the train.
  • The printed or electronic Deutsche Bahn rail boarding pass and flight ticket must be presented on board the train with a valid ID card.
  • Seat reservations on Deutsche Bahn trains are not included.
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