Club Vistara Escapades 


Welcome to Club Vistara Escapades - the biggest engagement activity launched for our valued members as we celebrate your dreams and bring you closer to them while you do more of #WhatYouLove.

Club Vistara Escapades is a series of experiences curated just for you to indulge in the unmatched lifestyle that Club Vistara offers. Club Vistara members across all tiers can step into this vast world of incredible handpicked experiences. From leisure to luxury, from taste to tranquility, you will get a chance of being the face of Club Vistara Escapades and indulge in these immersive experiential getaways tailored to create lifetime memories. Our professional production crew will accompany you and capture your magical journey all through so that the world can see the true Club Vistara lifestyle through your eyes.


Two exciting Escapades for participation by 14 November 2022 -




 Skydive Escapade 


Skydiving in Dubai

A 5-star stay sponsored by Luxury Escapes



Last date for entries: 14 November'22

Number of Winners: 2

Winner Announcement Date: 20 November'22

Travel date: 04-07 December'22


Harmony Escapade  


Sing and record a song in your own voice 

at the famous Yash Raj Studio in Mumbai



Last date for entries: 14 November'22

Number of Winners: 2

Winner Announcement Date: 25 November'22

Travel date: 15-17 December’22

Here’s how you can grab this opportunity: 

  1. Login to your Club Vistara Account & select ‘Escapades’
  2. Click on ‘Participate’ to reach the Club Vistara Escapades microsite.
  3. Choose the experience that resonates with what you love. You may choose to participate in either or both.
  4. Tell us why you are the perfect fit through a 1 minute video.
  5. Enter details & click ‘submit’


Not a Club Vistara member yet? Enrol Now and participate.

Club Vistara members chosen for the two experiences will be announced on our Instagram handle @club.vistara and Club Vistara Updates page.

#CVEscapades awaits you!

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