We understand that flying with a baby can be stressful, especially if it is just the two of you flying. But it does not have to be. As part of yet another exclusive service provided by us, we are excited to introduce Vistara Baby-On-Board.


Under this, customers traveling with an infant will be allowed extra baggage allowance of 7kg. The excess baggage of 7kg can be carried as hand baggage or check-in baggage or divided among the two, as per the convenience of the customer.


Solo mothers travelling with infant(s) will additionally enjoy arrival assistance on request, completely free of cost as a part of Vistara WomenFlyer. 


Travel with convenience aboard India’s Best Airline!


Terms and Conditions
  • An additional 7kg allowance is permitted as infant baggage. The same may be carried as either check-in baggage or hand baggage, as per the customer’s discretion.
  • This service is applicable for travel within India only.
  • In case of a multi-sector journey, the extra baggage allowance is valid for only the sector on which the infant is booked.
  • The infant must be less than 2 years of age at the date and time of departure and must carry an infant boarding pass.
  • The extra baggage allowance can be claimed for only one accompanying customer and for one infant per sector.
  • The extra infant baggage allowance is not valid, in case the infant is not flying on that PNR or Ticket.
  • The maximum check-in baggage will be the sum of free check-in baggage as per the cabin class booked by the customer, and the 7kg infant baggage allowance, i.e. for an Economy Lite fare, the maximum check-in baggage allowance will be 15kg + 7kg = 22kg. Please note that Economy Lite customers are allowed to carry only 1 piece of check-in baggage.
  • Infant must be booked under the same cabin and fare type as one of the accompanying adults for all segments/sectors of the journey. The baggage allowance will be valid for only that adult, for the entire journey.
  • This service is not valid on group bookings.
  • No single piece of baggage weighing more than 32kg would be accepted.
  • A maximum of 96kg can be checked-in for one customer (combining all applicable baggage allowances).


All above conditions are in addition to all other Vistara Baggage terms and conditions as specified here.



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