Elite Tier Qualification

As a Club Vistara member, you earn Tier Points on every flight* you take with us. These Tier Points help determine your tier status.

Your qualification towards a higher tier is based on the number of Tier Points earned and the number of flights flown by you within a 12-month period.

Elite Tier Qualification effective from 1st Jan 2023

Elite Tier Qualification criteria effective from 1st Jan 2023 requires you to accrue Tier Points and fly the requisite number of Vistara operated flights in a 12-month period to upgrade or retain your tier.

All tier upgrades, renewal, and qualification from 1st Jan 2023 onwards are based on the below criteria:

Minimum requirement for tier upgrade or renewal in a 12-month period
CV Silver

15000 Tier Points and 4 Vistara Flights

CV Gold

25000 Tier Points and 6 Vistara Flights

CV Platinum

35000 Tier Points and 8 Vistara Flights

Below are the Tier qualification criteria for tier evaluation until 31st Dec 2022:

Minimum Tier Points required for tier upgrade or renewal
Minimum Flights required for tier upgrade or renewal
CV Silver


or 20
CV Gold


or 30
CV Platinum


or 40

Kindly note: As part of our efforts to ease the uncertainty caused due to the pandemic, we delayed the launch of the revised Tier Evaluation Criteria from 1st January 2021 to 1st Jan 2023.

Tier Evaluation Process

The Elite Tier Qualification evaluates your tier status every day by checking the number of Tier Points earned and the number of Vistara flights flown in the past 12-months. As soon as you achieve the criteria as mentioned in the table above, you will be upgraded to the next elite tier.

In case of a tier upgrade or renewal, your elite tier status will be valid for 12 months only. On the day of your tier evaluation, if you are unable to move to the next elite tier or maintain your current tier, you will be moved to the next lower tier for the next 12 months.

Members continue to enjoy Club Vistara Base privileges for a lifetime as the CV Base membership does not have an expiry date.

Club Vistara members offered a complimentary elite tier through Club Vistara Partners can enjoy the benefits of only the higher tier associated with their Club Vistara ID.

*Please note: Only Vistara operated flights will be considered for this criterion.

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