Vistara Lounge

Due to the recent COVID guidelines issued by the DDMA, lounge services at Delhi airport remain suspended until further notice.

Sit back, relax and indulge in sumptuous food at the Plaza Premium Lounge as you wait for your flight.

You are invited to visit the Plaza Premium Lounge at Delhi T3 that offers exclusive seating for Vistara customers, or our select partner airport lounges in India when flying Business Class.

Enjoy an exclusive, luxurious seating area, with delicious buffet and live food counters, and Wi-Fi services. We also offer private rooms where you can unwind.

Club Vistara Platinum and Gold members enjoy complimentary lounge access when travelling with us, both within and outside India. These members will also enjoy the service when booked on Economy Lite fare (for domestic travel only), as part of their standard privilege.

CV Platinum members can bring one companion to our international partner lounges when flying overseas with us. The companion should be booked on an international flight with us on the same day.

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