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Club Vistara FAQs

About the all new Club Vistara

Q. What is the USP of the revamped Club Vistara program?
A. Club Vistara is a value based program. Your points are calculated on the base Fare value. With fluctuating ticket prices, being part of a value based loyalty program lets you earn more points when you spend more.
Q. What are the key differentiators of the program from the previous version?
A. The All New Club Vistara now offers –
  • Higher CV Point earning
  • Fastest Redemption with redemption of Award Flights starting at 2000 CV Points and Upgrade Awards at 500 CV Points.
  • Faster Elite Tier Qualification with our revised tier points criteria and all-new criteria of number of flights required during 12 months; whichever is FASTER.
  • Unconditional Benefits & Privileges for all fare types
  • Club Vistara Exclusive - earn bonus CV Points at every step of your journey with us


Q. Why do you think Vistara’s revamped loyalty program is better?

A. The All New Club Vistara is not only The Fastest Frequent Flyer Program, it ensure the members receive unrestricted benefits and privileges irrespective of the fare purchased.

Q. What were the objectives behind revamping the loyalty program?
A. While Club Vistara has been in existence since the last 18 months, we have been in constant touch with our customers and frequent flyers on what do they want out of a Loyalty Program. We realised that most programs in the market do not understand the pulse of frequent flyers. Most programs in the market were devaluing their program while removing benefits or putting restrictions in redeeming benefits. The All new Club Vistara is about being the fastest loyalty program.
Q. How soon can I start enjoying the new privileges and benefits of the All New Club Vistara program?
A. Effective 27th September 2016, CV members will enjoy the benefits of All New Club Vistara. In addition, to the changes members can take advantage of all the new and exciting offers to earn higher rewards.
Q. How is a value-based frequent flyer program different from that of a miles-based?
A. In a miles based FFP, your earnings are calculated on the basis of the distance travelled. However, in a value based loyalty program, your points are calculated on the base fare value. With fluctuating ticket prices, being part of a value based loyalty program lets you earn more points when you spend more.


Membership & Enrolment

Q. How can I become the member of Club Vistara?
A. Any individual can become a member of Club Vistara by simply registering himself from our official website, Vistara mobile app, filling the physical enrolment forms at the airports/inflight or by contacting our CSC.
Q. What is the age for enrolling with Club Vistara?
A. Individuals above the age of 2 years can become the member of Club Vistara.
Q. Can my family/company become a member of the CV programme?
A. Club Vistara membership are intended for individuals and cannot be shared by a group of individuals or a company.
Q. If I have filled up the physical enrolment form during my recent travel on Vistara, do I have to register online again?
A. Please allow 7 working days to receive you membership details on email address furnished by you during the submission of the form. This is subject to furnishing the complete information in the physical enrolment form.
Q. What if I have forgotten my CV number? Can I enrol again on your website?
A. Please contact our Customer Service Centre and we will help identify your account details.
Q. What if I forgot my CV website login password?
A. Please use the Forgot PIN link on the login form to receive a temporary PIN in you registered email address. For security reasons, please ensure to change the password by logging in to your CV account.
Q. What is the procedure to enrol a minor in Club Vistara?
A. Any individual who is between 2 years to 18 years can enrol himself in Club Vistara by sending the filled “Parent Consent Form” at
Q. How Club Vistara membership card can be downloaded?
A. Club Vistara Membership card can be downloaded from the website by logging into CV account.
Q. Will a new CV membership number be generated when I enrol a child?
A. Yes, CV ID will be generated when a child/minor is successfully enrolled.
Q. As a Parent/Legal Guardian, how many children can I enrol?
A. You can enrol up to 3 children/minors with the program.
Q. Can an enrolled child have more than one Parent/Legal Guardian?
A. No, there can only be one parent/legal guardian associated with the enrolment of a child/minor.
Q. I would like to change my Name/Date of Birth/Email Address in my account?
A. To request change of name in the member's account, please send written notification to Club Vistara along with proof of name change. To change email address, please send the request from your current registered email address.


Earning CV Points

Q. What is the criteria to earn CV Points on Vistara flights?
A. Members earn CV Points on the Fare value of their Vistara ticket irrespective of the distance and class travelled. Refer our earn table on the website to know more.
Q. What is the procedure for CV Points to be credited to my account?
A. CV Points will be auto-credited to member’s account if the CV ID is mentioned at the time of booking and check-in.
Q. How can a member claim missing CV Points for flights taken in the past with Vistara?
A. CV member can claim the missing CV Points by logging into his CV account through Vistara Website and submit the details of the flight through Retro Claim Form.
Q. On which classes a member can accrue CV Points?
A. Except Redemption bookings, all bookings are eligible for CV Points.
Q. What are CV Points?
A. CV Points accumulated by a member into his/ her Club Vistara account for flying on any Vistara flight and/or, with Partners for use of their services. CV Points are valid for 36 months from the date of accumulation. CV Points can be redeemed.
Q. What is the validity of CV Points?
A. CV Points have a validity period of 36 months (3 years) from the date of earning.
Q. Can I earn CV Points for flights taken prior to my enrolment into CV?
A. If you have recently joined Club Vistara, you may use our retro claim form by logging in to our website. These requests can only be made for Vistara flights 180 days in the past from the date of request.
Q. Why does a flight not get auto-recorded, in spite of quoting the CV number?
A. Please contact us by calling or writing to us highlighting the same. Sometime this may happen due to a mismatch in the name and/or surname.
Q. In case of flight cancellation by the passenger does he/she lose those points?
A. CV Points are only credited to member’s account once the travel is completed. In case of a “No Show” or cancellation members will not receive any CV Points.
Q. If Vistara cancels a flight and refunds passengers, will they still be eligible for points?
A. CV Points are only credited to member’s account once the travel is completed, the CV Points will not credited in such cases.
Q. Can a member earn CV Points on the flights taken with Partner Airline?
A. CV member can earn CV Points for flights on our two partners, Singapore Airlines and Silk Air.


Redeeming CV Points

Q. How do I redeem my CV Points?
A. CV Points can be redeemed online by logging into CV account or by contacting our CSC at 1860-108-9999 or +91 120 669 9901 in case of any concerns.
Q. Can CV Points earned by a CV member be used to purchase the Award Ticket for family members?
A. A member can redeem an Award flight only for self plus 8 other members only.
Q. Can CV Points be used to upgrade the cabin class?
A. Yes, CV Points can be used to upgrade the booked cabin class by contacting our CSC at +91 120 669 9901 or getting in touch with our Airport Ticketing Office.
Q. How many days in advance do I have to book my Award Flight on Vistara?
A. There is no restriction on redeeming an Award Flight or Upgrade Award. However, we recommend the redemptions are done in advance to ensure availability of choice.
Q. Can I redeem an Award Flight in my friend’s/family members’ name?
A. Yes, members can redeem their CV Points for their family members or friends.
Q. Do I get a re-credit of CV Points if I cancel my Award Flight?
A. Depending on the time of cancellation, member will receive appropriate CV Points in their account. We will deduct nominal CV Points as service fees.
Q. I am short of a few CV Points for an Award Flight. Can I buy the balance amount?
A. Currently, members cannot buy CV Points.
Q. Can Award Flights be redeemed for children? If yes, what will be the CV Points requirement?
A. Members can redeem CV Points for children. The requisite CV Points are same as mentioned in our Award Flights/Upgrade Awards chart. Please refer the Redeem section on our website.
Q. Can CV Points be redeemed on Partner Airline?
A. CV member can redeem CV Points with Vistara’ s partners Singapore Airlines and Silk Air just by calling our CSC at 1860 108 9999 and mentioning all the details required for booking an award flight with our partners.


Elite Tiers Qualification

Q. Can I get upgraded to CV Gold before 12 months from upgrade to CV Silver?
A. On upgrade to CV Silver, you retain Silver membership for 12 months. However, during this period, your transactions for the past 365 days will be evaluated on a daily basis. As soon as you qualify the criteria for CV Gold membership, you will be upgraded.
Q. Will the tier points considered for CV Silver upgrade be re-considered for CV Gold upgrade?
A. Yes, the tier points considered for CV Silver membership will be considered for upgrade to CV Gold provided they are earned in the past 365 days from the day of evaluation.
Q. Once downgraded, am I eligible for an upgrade only after 12 months?
A. No. Even after downgrade, your transactions for the past 365 days will be evaluated on a daily basis. As soon as you qualify the criteria for an upgrade to the respective tier.
Q. What are tier points and how are they different from CV Points?
A. On completion of a flight activity with Vistara you are credited with CV Points & tier points in your account. The value of the points will be exactly same and is calculated on the basis of fare value and the CV Tier you are part of. While CV Points can be used for redeeming an award flight or an upgrade award, tier points are used only for the purpose of tier evaluation. Additionally, all bonus points that are accrued as part of offers & promotions will add up to your CV Points and will not have any effect on your  tier points.
Q. Can I earn tier points on flying with the partner airlines of Vistara?
A. No. tier points are earned by a member only on flying with Vistara.
Q. Can I get a guaranteed seat less than 24 hours before departure on domestic flights?
A. CV Platinum members will be entitled to a guaranteed seat in the Economy Class provided request is raised 24 hours prior to departure, in any sector flown by Vistara, and CV Gold will need to raise the request 48 hours prior to departure. This is applicable only when the entitled CV member is unable to secure a seat in Business or Premium Economy Class. However, in case there is seat availability in Business or Premium Economy Class within 48/24 hours of the flight, the CV member will be required to purchase the same.