Membership & Enrolment

Q. How can I become the member of Club Vistara?

Any individual can become a member of Club Vistara by simply registering themselves on our official website, Vistara mobile app, filling the physical enrolment forms at the airports/inflight, enroling through the Vistara World app or by contacting our Customer Service Centre.

Q. What is the age for enrolling with Club Vistara?

A. Any individuals above the age of 2 years can become a member of Club Vistara.

Q. Can my family/company become a member of the CV Program?

A. Club Vistara memberships are intended for individuals and cannot be shared by a group of individuals or a company.

Q. If I have filled up the physical enrolment form during my recent travel on Vistara, do I have to register online again?

A. Please allow 7 working days to receive your membership details on email address mentioned by you in the form. This is subject to furnishing the complete information in the physical enrolment form.

Q. I have forgotten my CV ID. Can I enrol again from your website?

A.Please contact our Customer Service Centre and to help identify your account details.

Q. I have forgotten my CV login password. What can I do?

A. Please use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login form to receive a temporary password on your registered email ID. For security reasons, please ensure to change the password once you log in to your CV account.

Q. What is the procedure to enrol a minor in Club Vistara?

A. Any individual who is between 2 years to 18 years can enrol themselves in Club Vistara by sending the filled ‘Parent Consent Form’ at

Q. How can one download the Club Vistara membership card?

A. Club Vistara membership card can be downloaded from the website or mobile app by logging into your CV account.

Q. Will a new CV membership number be generated when I enrol a child?

A. Yes, a new CV ID will be generated when a child/minor is successfully enroled.

Q. I would like to make changes to my name and date of birth in my account. How can I do that?

A. To make any changes with respect to name and date of birth, please send an email to along with self-attested government ID proof of name change and date of birth. Please send the request from your registered email ID.