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Award & Tier Predictor
This interactive tool allows you to get a preview of the number of free flights and upgrades that you are likely to earn on your most preferred route, and the estimated tier status you are likely to achieve in a 12-month period.

To begin with, let us understand your travel pattern better. We will then calculate your estimated CV Points earning, tier status and benefits that await you.
Fare you pay on your preferred route*
Average no. of flights you take in a month on your preferred route
Which cabin do you usually travel in?
Economy Class
Premium Economy
Business Class
What is your current Tier Status with Club Vistara?
*Do you web check-in for your flights?
Club Vistara Tip: Web check-in in advance through the Vistara website or mobile app to get {{websiteBooking}} bonus CV Points, in addition to your regular earnings.
*Do you book your tickets directly with us through our website/mobile app?
Club Vistara Tip: As part of Vistara Direct, direct bookings through the Vistara website or mobile app are rewarded with {{websiteChecking}} bonus CV Points.
Indicative Earnings & Rewards

Based on your travel pattern, here are the indicative rewards you will be entitled to.

CV Points

You are likely to earn a total of {{awardPoints}} CV Points by the end of 12 months.

Tier Status

You are likely to {{tierStatusVal}} to CV {{currentTier}} Tier at the end of 12 months.

Tier Points/Flights
{{silverUpgradePoints}} Tier Points/ {{silverUpgradeFlights}} Flights
{{goldUpgradePoints}} Tier Points/ {{goldUpgradeFlights}} Flights
{{platinumUpgradePoints}} Tier Points/ {{platinumUpgradeFlights}} Flights

Eligible Awards

You are likely to get {{freeRedeemPts}} free flight(s) in {{cabinClassRes}} class (or) {{upgradePts}} free upgrade(s) to {{upgradeCabinClassRes}} class, when flying on your preferred route.

*Results may vary due to additional taxes and surcharge included in the fare.