Pre-purchase Extra Baggage


You can now pre-purchase excess baggage at discounted rates.


Extra baggage should be the last thing you worry about.

Vistara lets you travel anywhere without compromising on your baggage. Now with Pre-Purchase Extra Baggage say goodbye to last minute hassles at the airport and conveniently purchase excess baggage at discounted rates from our website and mobile app.

Excess Check-in BaggageCharges (Inclusive of taxes)
Business Class and Premium EconomyEconomy
  5 Kg  INR 1,708INR 1,601
  10 Kg  INR 3,416INR 3,203
  20 Kg  INR 6,496INR 6,090
  30 Kg  INR 9,744INR 9,135

Pre-purchase Extra Baggage at attractive rates to make your journey hassle free!

  • Price advantage – Pay lower than what you would at the airport.

  • Automatic update in booking - When you Pre-purchase Extra Baggage, your booking is automatically updated in the airline reservation system. There is no room for confusion.

  • Automatic refund - In case you are not awarded the permission to carry extra baggage, the fee is refunded automatically to you within five days after flight departure.

  • Easy to change - If you change your flight before you are awarded the permission to carry extra baggage, you can easily get it transferred on to the new flight.

How to Pre-purchase Excess Baggage?

  • Visit

  • Select ‘Pre-purchase Extra Baggage’ tab from the menu above.

  • Enter your PNR / Booking Reference, Last Name and E-mail to retrieve your booking information. If you don’t have your PNR handy, use the ‘Advanced Search’ to retrieve your booking with your flight details.

  • Select the flight for which you would like to pre-carry extra baggage.

  • Choose from the available options and complete your purchase by paying for your selection.

  • Your purchase is complete.

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is valid on routes where Vistara flies direct.

  • Charges for the service includes all applicable taxes.

  • Pre-purchase Extra Baggage service is applicable to all Vistara passengers holding a confirmed PNR.

  • Pre-purchase Extra Baggage service is valid for the sector it is purchased for. Extra baggage needs to be pre-purchased for each sector separately.

  • Pre-purchase Extra Baggage service is applicable for booked passengers only and is non-transferable/non-refundable.

  • No modification to the Pre-purchase Extra Baggage service is allowed after completing the booking.

  • In case of date or time change, excess baggage purchased will be associated to the new flight.

  • Pre-purchase Extra Baggage service cannot be used for transporting any type of cargo.

  • The extra baggage may be pre-purchased up to 5 hrs prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.