What are Vistara Freedom Fares?

Vistara Flight Tickets Booking FAQs

Vistara Freedom Fares is an intuitive menu-based pricing model designed to empower customers with the freedom to choose the kind of fare and services that suits them best, from a menu that gives the choice of a set of pre-bundled fares along with various a-la-carte add-on options. It empowers the customers to choose the way they prefer to fly and pay for what they value, without compromising on the Vistara experience that is defined by intuitive thoughtfulness and service excellence at every touchpoint.

For example, some passengers may want just the lowest fare and nothing else. Some may want the ability to upgrade to a higher class, or priority handling. Some may want flexibility in the form of low or nil change and cancellation fees. Some may want more check-in or hand-baggage allowance. A “one size fits all” fare structure does not work in these situations, but the new menu-based fare structure and add-on choices can address these needs very well. The fares are structured in a manner where buying the next level of fare with more features is now affordable and represents great value to those who desire the additional services.

The new fare type “Vistara Freedom Fares” are applicable for Vistara’s network on tickets sold through all channels - online Vistara Website/Mobile App, Travel agency, Online Portal, Airport ticketing office, and through all major GDS systems worldwide.

What are the differences between the various fare types?

“Lite” fares are available in Economy Class only for travel within India, and are a new category of fares designed for those who simply want the lowest possible Economy Class fare. These fares do not include a complimentary meal (though free tea or coffee is included), and also have some additional restrictions - for example, while these fares will still earn Club Vistara points, they will not earn elite qualification “Tier Points”. Lite fares are not upgradeable, and are non-changeable and non-refundable (though taxes are always fully refundable).

“Value” fares are available in Premium Economy and Business Class for travel within India and in Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class for International travel. These fares are designed for those who seek the most competitive fares in these classes. These fares are essentially the same as the competitive fares that are available today in these classes, and offer similar features as well as 100% CV and elite qualification points. Changes and cancellations are possible with a fee. Value fares are however not upgradeable, and are designed for those who simply want the most attractive Premium Economy and Business Class fares.

“Standard” fares, available in all classes, are priced at a reasonable add-on to Lite or Value fares, and offer additional benefits such as additional baggage allowance and greater flexibility with lower change and cancellation fees. These fares are also upgradeable using upgrade fee, CV points, or upgrade vouchers.

“Flexi” fares, also available in all classes, are priced at an affordable add-on to Standard fares, and offer nil change and cancellation fees (conditions apply), in addition to certain other enhanced benefits such as additional free baggage allowance and priority check-in, baggage handling, and boarding. These fares are designed for those who seek the maximum convenience and flexibility in whichever class they choose to travel, and are willing to pay a reasonable premium for it.

How will the changes affect my existing booking if it has not been ticketed?

Tickets issued before 2nd August 2018 will be subject to the old fare conditions, while tickets issued on or after 2nd August 2018 will be based to the new fare conditions.

What is online booking?

Online booking is a convenient way of booking your travel via the internet. Using Vistara’s online services you can:

  • Book a flight and pay online for your travel
  • Request a particular seat, meal or service
  • Redeem your Club Vistara points
  • Check flight status
  • View the flight schedule
  • Do a web check-in
  • Change/cancel your booking (not applicable for travel agent bookings)
  • Add additional services to your booking
  • Book holiday Packages
  • Book a hotel/car


A few of the above services may be available only in select locations or within a specific range of Vistara network.

Can I use this service for checking availability and fares without actually purchasing a ticket?

Yes, you can check flight availability and fares as we take the payment only if you choose to complete a booking.

How can I view the flight schedule offered by Vistara?

Please click here to view the flight schedule.

What is the maximum number of passengers I can make an online booking for?

You can include up to 9 passengers, including adults and children in a single booking. Infants will be co-related to the number of adults travelling.

In case there are more than 9 passengers please visit Group Booking, or write to group.booking@airvistara.com.

Can I make a booking online and pay at a Vistara ticketing office?

Due to ticketing regulations, a different fare may apply if you wish to pay for your tickets at a Vistara Ticketing office. The fares displayed online are for sale and payment made via www.airvistara.com only.

Vistara Ticketing office may or may not be available for locations outside India.

Can I purchase an open-dated ticket when I book online?

No, the selected sectors must be booked on a confirmed basis and paid for at the same time.

Can I book my ticket online and pay later?

We do not currently offer this service online. The full payment must be made at the time of booking.

Can I make an online booking with my credit card if I am not travelling?

Yes, you can.

If you (the individual who made the booking) are not a part of the travelling party, then the passenger(s) travelling must carry a photocopy of the front side of your credit card (expiry date may be masked) that was used for booking their ticket(s) along with a photocopy of any of your government issued identity card. Both of the above documents must be attested by you.

The above document MUST be produced at the time of check-in.If the passenger fails to comply with these conditions, we reserve the right to deny boarding to the passenger(s).

Can I use more than one card for my payment if I have a credit limit on my card?

We do not support multiple credit cards for a single booking. Only one card can be used for one transaction for online booking.

I did not receive a booking confirmation on the page.

You should receive a copy of the receipt via the email address provided during booking. Please check your Spam folder.

If you still cannot locate the booking confirmation in your mailbox, please reach out to our respective Customer Service Centre for assistance.

Are online transactions safe?

Vistara ensures our online transactions are safe and secure. Information shared with us online is secured and protected by Verisign. This is all governed by internationally accepted and industry standard powerful encryption technology (128-bit secure socket layer, SSL).

Your personal data is encrypted and the web booking engine is directly connected to Amadeus Reservation System and payment gateway(s) for credit card processing. Please be assured that the exposure of your transactions online is brought to a minimum.

Why do I see a discrepancy for round trip and one-way fares?

When booking, you may notice a fare difference between round trip and one-way fares for the same sector. This difference occurs with round trip fares as the tax gets combined whereas in one-way fare, the tax gets calculated individually on each flight fare. However, the important thing to note is that the sector fare will always remain the same when calculated together. For e.g.: A Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi fare will be shown as INR 15,000 in total with the Delhi-Mumbai leg costing INR 10,000 and Mumbai-Delhi costing INR 5,000. However, when a customer searches Delhi-Mumbai one-way, the fare is INR 12,000 and Mumbai-Delhi one way is INR 3,000. But the total fare in the second scenario is totalling to INR 15,000 which is the same as the round trip fare total