What is Convenience Fee?

Convenience Fee FAQs

A: A convenience fee is a ticketing/reservation fee of INR 250/- for travel within India and INR 500/- for International travel, that is charged on all tickets purchased through any airport ticketing office and the Customer Service Centre and on tickets purchased through our website www.airvistara.com or Mobile App, where the form of payment is debit or credit card.

Please take note of the following points:

  • This fee is non-refundable.
  • It is applicable on all modes of payment if ticket is purchased from an airport ticketing office/Customer Service Centre and on credit/debit card transactions if ticket is purchased online through our website/app.
  • The fee is charged per customer per transaction.


Is Convenience Fee applicable to all cabins?

Yes, it is applicable for travel in Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy.

Is Convenience Fee applicable for Club Vistara members?

Yes, Convenience Fee is applicable to all passengers including Club Vistara members. However, Convenience Fee is not applicable to passengers redeeming their CV points for tickets booked on airvistara.com.

Will the Convenience Fee be applicable for cancellation and changes?

No, Convenience Fee is applicable only while booking your ticket. It is not applicable for cancellation and changes of e-ticket(s).

Is Convenience Fee refundable?

No, Convenience Fee is non-refundable.