Mobile Boarding Pass

We understand that when you choose to fly Vistara, you choose to fly comfortably. To make your travel even more hassle-free and easy, we are happy to launch Mobile Boarding Pass. Mobile Boarding Pass makes your Vistara experience even more delightful by allowing you to keep all your travel information in one place and you get to beat the queue. It is environment friendly as you no longer need to print your boarding pass!


Follow the below steps and whiz through the airport gates using the Mobile Boarding Pass:


1) Log on to or Download the Vistara mobile app and check-in to your flight.

2) Click the "Receive SMS" option and enter the mobile number on which you would like to receive mobile your boarding pass/collect as SMS.

3) Go to the link received through SMS and access your Mobile boarding pass. Save a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass to your photos gallery.

4) Flash the Boarding Pass and board your flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Mobile Boarding Pass?
The mobile boarding pass is an electronic boarding pass displayed on a mobile device which displays flight and customer information required to board your flight.
2. Who can use a Mobile Boarding Pass?
All passengers travelling from Mumbai Airport who have checked in through our website and/or our Mobile app can choose to receive a mobile boarding pass.
3. How can I recieve a Mobile Boarding Pass for my flight departing from Mumbai?
To receive a Mobile Boarding Pass, you need a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) with internet browsing and connectivity. Ensure your mobile plan includes mobile internet browsing as well as text messaging.
Log on to our website or the Vistara mobile app and enter your PNR, last name and answer the following security questions. Click the "Get Mobile Boarding Pass/ Receive SMS" option and enter the mobile number on which you would like to receive your boarding pass. Go to the link received through SMS to access your mobile boarding pass. Save a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass to gallery.
4. What if there is no internet connection, Wi-Fi, or no battery power on your phone?
Vistara ground staff will issue the traditional paper boarding pass at the check-in counter, security check, boarding gate or during boarding.
5. Can I receive the Mobile Boarding Passes for all my travel companions?
Yes, if your travel companion's itinerary is included in the same booking record as yours.
6. What should I do if I have problems receiving my Mobile Boarding Pass?
If you fail to receive an SMS link to retrieve Mobile Boarding Pass, you can login to our web Check-In page and try again any time up to 45 minutes before your flight departure time.
If the problem still persists, you can go to any one of the Vistara check-in counters at the airport to pick up your boarding pass.
7. Can I change my seat after I have checked-in online and received my Mobile Boarding Pass?
Yes you can change your seat even after you have issued your Mobile Boarding Pass but this is subject to the seat availability at the time of your request.
8. What happens if someone else picks up my Mobile Boarding Pass and tries to use it to board the flight?
At the security check point, the CISF will match the customer name displayed on scanner with customer identity proof. Any discrepancies thus found will not be accepted and the customer will be advised to return to the check in counter to issue a traditional boarding pass.
9. What if my phone battery drains out after having received the Mobile Boarding Pass?
Vistara staff will assist the customer to re-issue paper boarding card.
10. What if after security check the mobile boarding link does not open?
Vistara staff will assist with a paper boarding card and CISF will stamp the boarding card after verifying the details.