Seat Map

Seat Map

Vistara Flight Seat Map

Seating Details

Cabin Class: Economy
Seat No.: 1A - 30F
No. of Seats: 180

Seat Map Key

Standard Seats
No Recline
Exit Door
Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit Seats

Seats in row 11 and 12 are Emergency Exit seats. These can only be assigned for a standard fee* at the airport. The assignment of these seats are complimentary for our Club Vistara Gold and Platinum members, Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer Silver and Gold members. Please note, an Emergency Exit seat cannot be allocated to children or anyone with any medical condition or unable to assist during an emergency.

*Standard Fee

Flights: For Flights Less Than 90 Minutes
Emergency Exit Seats
No Recline: ₹ 500
Recline: ₹ 600
Flights: For Flights More Than 90 Minutes
Emergency Exit Seats
No Recline: ₹ 900
Recline: ₹ 1,000

Bulk Head Seats

Bulk Head Seats are only in Row 1.