We believe that every customer is special. At Vistara, we ensure you travel without a worry and are here to assist you at every step. Whatever be your request, we will do our best to ensure it is taken care of. You can just sit back and relax while we take complete care of you.

Customers diagnosed with medical conditions or who have undergone procedures that warrant special care in-flight, will be offered special assistance. To help us fully assist you, we recommend the following guidelines are observed:

Medical oxygen, medication and medical devices on-board - A ‘Physician’s Statement’ certifying the need and use of medical oxygen/medication/lifesaving equipment on-board is necessary.

Stretchers – Customers who must remain in a supine position during a flight are provided with stretchers fitted in our aircraft. This service is subject to approval on payment of a fee and is offered to customers as long as there is no change of aircraft in between.

Epilepsy/Seizures – Customers carrying prescribed and approved medication for epilepsy require a ‘fit to fly’ certificate issued 48 hours prior to the flight. This is subject to the condition that the last seizure has occurred a minimum of 24 hours prior to the flight.

Psychiatric conditions – Customers diagnosed with psychiatric conditions need to furnish a ‘fit to fly’ certificate issued 48 hours prior to scheduled departure. Patients with severe conditions require to be accompanied by a qualified medical escort, in addition to being appropriately sedated, if necessary.

If the customer has suffered from any psychiatric conditions which required hospitalization or sedative medical treatment within the last 14 days prior to travel, then MEDA clearance will be required. We request customers suffering from epilepsy/mental disorders to carry extra amounts of medicine to cover unexpected situations and advise them to avoid alcohol consumption prior to flying, ensure they are properly rested and avoid sleep loss, fatigue and exhaustion.

We also offer a meet and assist service to facilitate your journey.

Medical Clearance to fly – Customers with conditions that are likely to deteriorate during a flight or may aggravate and pose a safety/security risk to self/others require special clearance as per standard aviation regulations. For medical clearance, we request customers to fill a MEDIF form (available on company website in Special Assistance section) will need to be filled and submitted as per instructions mentioned therein.

MEDIF Forms – Part-1 of the form requires a mandatory declaration from the customer/representative. Part-2 and 3 of the form pertains to information required to be filled, signed and stamped by qualified medical practitioner (minimum MBBS qualified).

Advance intimation – To permit us to offer our resources, customers with special medical needs are requested to obtain medical clearance in time. Medical clearance applications and requests for stretchers need to be made at least 48 hours before the day of flight departure.

For detailed clearance guidelines, please refer to the ‘Clearance Guidelines’ document in related links.

Please note that the policy might be different for a variety of carriers. If you are connecting to any of our interline and codeshare partners, kindly contact them directly as they may have different processes.