Upgrade flight to Business class


Upgrade your Flight



Here is a fantastic chance to upgrade your flights to Business Class or Premium Economy at attractive rates.


With Upgrade Your Flight, now you can experience the new feeling in Business Class or Premium Economy, with an exclusive ambience, gourmet meals, luxurious seats, and personalized service from cabin crew trained by Singapore Airlines. You simply can't beat the experience.

You can Upgrade Your Flight in two ways:


Confirmed Upgrade

Confirmed upgrade allows you to get an immediate upgrade to Business Class or Premium economy as per your request on your current flight. Confirmed upgrade ensures you guaranteed upgrade to the cabin of your choice providing all comforts of the cabin without having to worry about the unavailability or uncertainty.

Standby Upgrade

Standby Upgrade is designed to offer customers a chance to get upgraded at substantially low prices. The availability of this upgrade is limited and you can only come to know of the upgrade decision within 48 to 4 hours to departure.

Sign up for Upgrade your Flight soon after purchasing your ticket since the availability is limited and dynamic. If Upgrade your Flight is unavailable on your flight, we recommend you to check again later as availability changes with time. The more frequently you sign up, the higher are your chances to get an upgrade.

Benefits of Upgrade your Flight:

  • Front Cabins for sure - With Confirmed Upgrade, you experience the new feeling in Business Class or Premium Economy.
  • Attractive rates - The luxury of sitting in the front cabin at an extremely affordable price is possible, every time you board a flight.
  • Maximize your Upgrade chances - The more you sign up for the Upgrade you Flight, the higher the chances. You’ll be charged as per the class you will be upgraded to.
  • Upgrade one or all of your flights - You can choose to get the upgrade on only one flight or multiple flights.
  • Automatic refund if not upgraded - If you are not upgraded, the Upgrade price will be refunded automatically to you within five days after the flight departure. There is no action needed for the refund.

How to Upgrade your Flight?

    Using Upgrade your Flight is very simple, as mentioned below:
    • Book your Economy or Premium Economy ticket
    • Log in here and select Upgrade your Flight from the available options.
    • Enter your booking details (PNR or booking reference, passenger last name and email) to retrieve your booking. If you don't have your PNR handy, use the 'Advanced Search' to retrieve your booking with your flight details.
    • Select the flight to which you would like to be upgraded.
    • Pay a small Sign-up and a nominal Upgrade price.
    • Review and make the payment.
    • You will be notified via email about your standby upgrade status usually 1 to 3 days but no later than four hours before the flight departure. If not upgraded, the upgrade price will be fully and automatically refunded to you within 5 business days after the flight departure.
    • Confirmed upgrades as the name suggests is confirmed as soon as you make the payment.

Terms and Conditions

    • Valid only on all Vistara routes for all direct flights.
    • Upgrade fee is all inclusive of taxes.
    • Upgrade will be applicable on valid UK tickets for specified sector and can be booked upto 4 hour prior to departure.
    • Customers are advised to carry the photo Identification for domestic travel. The name reflected on the ticket must be the same as that on the Photo ID. Passenger Identification will be required throughout the journey.
    • This is applicable to all passengers holding valid identification proof and are non-transferable.
    • The upgrade is valid for sector it is bought for. There will be no discount permitted on upgrades for children & infants.
    • Upgrades are subject to availability in designated class.
    • Changes are not allowed once upgrade is confirmed.
    • Date change, flight change and no refund as per fare rules applicable to fare family.
    • In case of no show: base fare will be forfeited, only tax will be refunded in case of Gate No Show.
    • Baggage allowance will be as per the designated cabin class.
    • Vistara reserves the right to withdraw/revise the upgrade scheme without prior notice.
    • Flight schedules and timings are subject to regulatory approvals and may be revised without advance notice. For detailed terms and conditions, log on to Terms & Conditions