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Carriage of Arms and Ammunition

As per the Aircraft (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) Rule 2003, a passenger can carry:

  • One licensed revolver, pistol or shotgun
  • Fifty cartridges

Please declare these at the check-in counter and adhere to all of the safety and security requirements.


  • Fill out a declaration form at the check-in counter
  • The Airport Manager will verify this form
  • A handling charge of INR 5000 (plus Govt. taxes) will be levied

The following personnel are exempted from this charge subject to presentation of appropriate documents and conditions:

1. Serving personnel from Defence forces, Para military forces and Police travelling on duty and carrying an official movement order that authorizes the carriage of weapon and/or ammunition for official purposes.

2. Sportsmen travelling for a competition or representing the country providing they fulfil the following conditions:

  • Identification document: Evidence of identity can be established by a photo identity card issued by a government agency or the sponsoring club.
  • Licence: Valid licence/authorization of firearms and ammunition.
  • Bonafide authorisation: A written document issued by the President or Secretary of the sports club sponsoring him/her for the shooting event.

For further details, please contact our Customer Service Centre in advance.