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Frankfurt is a Vistara City

About Frankfurt

With the headquarters of the European Central Bank located here, Frankfurt is one of the most important cities in the world of European Finance. Filled with modern buildings and skyscrapers, Frankfurt has a rich history that blends with the modern, perfectly. This 2,000-year-old city is extremely diverse and has a lot to offer to anyone visiting!

One can immerse themselves in the trade and fair shows when in Frankfurt, the most famous ones being the Frankfurt Motor Show and the Frankfurt Book Show. A haven for people appreciative of culture, this city was the home to Johann Wolfgang Goethe, a prolific writer of the 18th century. There are ample museums for one to indulge in that showcase the Frankfurtian, German and World culture with respect to natural history, architecture, film, art, and archaeology.

It is ideal to plan your vacation to Frankfurt between the months of April and September as this is when the city enjoys mild temperatures and sunny days. The parks are rich and in their full green glory, ensuring a comfortable experience! 

About Frankfurt Airport

The city can be accessed from around the world via Frankfurt Airport located 12 km from the city centre. It ranks among the world's busiest airports by passenger traffic and is the busiest airport by cargo traffic in Europe and features four runways. The airport has many facilities to offer its visitors to ensure a comfortable travel experience. Vistara will operate from Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport, effective 1-June-21. 


  • Stadel Museum:

    Known to be the city's finest art museum, the Stadel features a striking collection of works from the 14th century through the present day. An art museum, this is undoubtedly one of the most popular and visited places in Frankfurt! The museum owns numerous paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, and prints. It has an enormous library consisting of 115,000 books too. 

  • The Main Tower:

    One of the highest buildings in Frankfurt, the tower stretches to 200-meters wherein tourists can take an elevator for the first 190 meters and walk the last 10 to witness incomparable and breath-taking views of the city. Photograph the views for memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Palmengarten:

    Take in the breath-taking views of the Palmenfarten, Frankfurt's most cherished botanical gardens that is home to 50 acres of tropical trees, orchids, and ferns. One is sure to be awe-struck with the beauty of this place!

  • Immerse:

    Featuring a rich history and culture, Frankfurt has one of the largest variety of museums in Europe with almost 30 museums to its name. Out of these, 20 museums are part of the Museumsufer that was created by the cultural politician Hilmar Hoffmann. Safe to say this is a great place for anyone fond of history, art, and culture. 

  • Entertain:

    Frankfurt hosts some of the biggest and most renowned art, music, and culture festivals in all of Europe! One of the popular ones being the Museums Riverbank Festival that showcases live music, dance shows, jewellery, clothes, and food from all around the world! Keep a lookout for the major happenings in the city for a truly memorable experience! 

  • Indulge:

    A culinary heaven, Frankfurt has a popular cuisine known for famous dishes that are unique to this city. Frankfurter Würstchen sausage, Handkäs mit Musik (cheese made with hand), the famous sauce of Germany known as Grüne Soße and the popular sponge cake, Frankfurter Kranz being some of them. There are endless culinary delights for all foodies visiting Frankfurt!

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