Feel The Pause

In an effort to elevate your flying experience, we are delighted to launch ‘Feel The Pause’ - exclusive wellness media on Vistara World, in partnership with Shyft. This becomes yet another unique initiative making us one of the first airlines in India to have exclusive, original co-branded wellness content onboard.

The content has been created and curated especially for you, to help you reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, and relax onboard. Our content buckets are divided into Body, Sleep and Mind Mode consisting of body and muscle stretches, sleep inducing stories, guided meditation, and soothing music to help you ease your common flying discomforts and enhance your inflight experience.

Body Mode

Release stress and improve joint mobility by indulging in an effortless stretching routine. Relax and stretch your muscles for a more restful journey.

Sleep Mode

Listen to sleep stories and soothing sounds that will help you to de-stress, relieve anxiety and let go of any negative thoughts. They will allow you to feel more at ease and relaxed during your journey.

Mind Mode

Relax your body and mind through guided meditation sessions. These exercises will help you release anxiety and mental exhaustion before your journey comes to an end.

About our wellness partner – Shyft

Shyft is a renowned India-based Health & Wellness platform, which offers personalized online Yoga, Nutrition, and Health Programs to help customers track, reverse and manage chronic health conditions like PCOS, Hypertension, Diabetes & Thyroid. Additionally, the company also offers pregnancy-related programs (pre and post-natal), alongside general wellness classes.


Log on to vistaraworld.com when on board or watch it on our Vistara World seatback device when flying on our Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner® or Airbus A321neo aircraft.


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