Customers With Limited Mobility & Impairment


We believe that every customer is special. At Vistara, we ensure you travel without any worry and are here to assist you at every step.


Our special assistance offers customers with mobility and impairment issues, a seamless and hassle-free experience. Some of the needs we cater to are listed below in detail:

Mobility Impairment

If you require wheelchair assistance, you can do so while making your booking on the website. In case you have already made a booking, you can request for wheelchair assistance from -

  • ‘Manage My Booking’ section on the Vistara website
  • Calling our 24 x 7 Customer Service Centre
  • By writing to between 7 am and 11 pm

We request you to inform us at least 48 hours prior to flight departure time. Vistara will accommodate requests made within 48 hours from departure on a best effort basis.

As a special gesture, we offer free transport of customers’ personal wheel chairs. We take on board manual/collapsible wheelchairs, and battery-powered models with non-spill batteries. Other wet battery models will fall in the category of checked-in baggage. Batteries need to be disconnected, insulated and sealed as per standard aviation security requirements.

If you have opted for Wheelchair Assistance and have not received an email confirmation yet, please enter your details below to receive the same: 



Wheelchair Assistance Confirmation

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*An e-mail confirmation will be sent out to the registered email ID mentioned at the time of booking. You can modify passenger details from the Manage My Booking section.


Visual Impairment

Our staff and cabin crew are happy to help and extend assistance to partially or fully visually impaired passengers in navigating terminals and moving through procedures. Additionally, we permit guide dogs on our aircraft, subject to standard aviation requirements:

  • If any country or territory on the route prohibits the entry of dogs, carriage will be refused.
  • The customer must ensure that all government regulations and documentation requirements for uplift, transit and disembarkation of the guide dog for all stations are complied with.
  • Vistara does not accept AVIH (animal in hold).
  • Please ensure the canine is fully trained, vaccinated and on a proper harness.
  • Please ensure a muzzle for the dog. (Mandatory)
  • Please carry a hygienic moisture absorbent mat to be used for the cabin floor.
Hearing Impairment

Customers with hearing impairments will be provided a special ‘meet and assist’ service on arrival and departure of flight, if requested. If you require such a service, we request you to inform us of this need at check-in or through the Customer Service Centre prior to your scheduled flight date.

Please note that the policy might be different for a variety of carriers. If you are connecting to any of our interline and codeshare partners, kindly contact them directly as they may have different processes.


Important Notice

Vistara does not refuse carriage of any person on the basis of disability and/or reduced mobility. However, in case, Vistara perceives that the health of such a passenger may deteriorate in-flight, the said passenger will have to be examined by a Doctor in person - who shall in his/her opinion, categorically state the medical condition and whether the passenger is fit to fly or not. After obtaining the medical opinion, Vistara shall take an appropriate decision on the carriage of such passengers. In case of refusal of carriage, the passenger will be informed of the reason in writing immediately.

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