AME/Sr. AME/Duty Engineer



Role & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all work carried out and certified by him on the aircraft under the scope of his authorization privilege and to ensure that all statutory regulations regarding airworthiness of the aircraft and company requirements are met.
  • Maintaining and improving their knowledge in respect to the aircraft, its systems and equipment, the civil aviation requirement of India and company policy.
  • The quality of work performed on the aircraft ensuring due diligence is exercised in respect to safety for themselves and others, that all work carried out is appropriately recorded, certified and cross-referenced as appropriate.
  • Complete all aircraft documentation accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Strictly comply with safety procedures while working within the vicinity of the aircraft to protect self and others and prevent damage to the aircraft and its equipment.
  • Ensures appropriate and documented shift handover at the end of the shift duty.
  • Ensuring that all interchangeability of components is confirmed through reference to the IPC and / other relevant approved documentation.
  • Ensuring that he is aware of all company operating procedures and fully understand all quality and technical reporting systems.
  • Being smart and tidy in appearance so reflecting the company image.
  • Reporting all vehicle, ramp and aircraft unserviceability immediately to their designated Manager.
  • Maintain a personal logbook with details of all maintenance activity carried out by the individual.
  • Return of Serviceable and unserviceable components back to stores.
  • Engineer will also assist to shift in charge/station manager for all administration issues as may be required.
  • Ensure discipline and enthuses team spirit understanding amongst his shift.


  • Presently employed as a certifying engineer for at least two years.
  • Must hold an AME diploma or equivalent and a DGCA licence rated on A320.
  • At least 6-8 years aircraft engineering experience.


  • Must have CAR 66 Type Rating B1 or B2 License on A320 family aircraft fitted with IAEV2500 or CFM LEAP 1A engine.

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  • To assist the AME in carrying out all scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance work.
  • Must have the required technical knowledge and carry out transit, layover and all higher checks in his capacity on company aircraft.
  • Should be aware of the marshalling procedures at his station along with its apron layout and carry out marshalling as per company procedure.
  • Should always maintain his personal toolbox in as received condition.
  • Ensure that toolbox is complete with all tools after completion of any task on aircraft.
  • Shall be fully aware of the defueling / refuelling procedures and the precautions to be taken while carrying out such activities.
  • Shall adhere to standard industry practices while carrying out work on the aircraft.
  • Shall return to the stores all the tools/ equipment drawn for performing the work on the aircraft after completion of work.
  • Shall perform audit of personnel tool box on completion of any maintenance tasks and shall report any missing and broken tools to Shift
  • coordinator /Station in charge / charge hands immediately.
  • Carries out all allocated tasks efficiently and to the laid down airworthiness and company standards.
  • Records and signs for all work performed.
  • Any additional work as allocated by Shift manager /LMM.
  • All the above-mentioned tasks can be performed by technicians from either A & C or Avionics trade as cross trained on tasks.


  • 2 to 4 years of experience as a Technician with a scheduled Airline or MRO.
  • Experience on A320 is preferred.


  • AME Diploma


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Trainee AME - B1

Position: Trainee AME-B1



  • DGCA licence in category B1 on any aircraft in Group 1. Candidates with Modules 4, 5 and 11 in Cat B1 preferred.


  • Must have DGCA licence in Cat A. Candidates with Modules 4, 5 and 11 in Cat B1 preferred.


  • Minimum 01 year as certifying staff in Cat B1 on any aircraft in Group 1.


  • Minimum 4 years of practical maintenance experience on A320 or similar type of aircraft with at least 01 year recent experience on A320.

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Manager - Fleet Management (Airframe)

Educational Qualification: Degree / Diploma in Mechanical / Aeronautical engineering or AME course

Professional Qualification: Current and valid DGCA/EASA License in Category B1 on A320

Experience: Minimum 8 to 10 years total working experience in airlines out of which minimum 3 to 5 years of working experience in the Technical Services.


  • Ensuring the continuous monitoring and coordination of contracted activities for Airframe,Airframe Systems and Component maintenance
  • Ensure that the maintenance carried out by appropriately approved CAR 145 maintenance organization is in accordance with approved AMP.
  • Monitor the embodiment of repairs and modifications to an approved standards and ensure embodiment within defined time lines.
  • Coordinate with the aircraft system manufacturers, OEMs etc. to resolve various in- service problems and coordinate with MRO for implementation accordingly.
  • Development, amendments of MEL for each type of aircraft that is being managed
  • Coordinate with groups within Technical Services to streamline activities of the Department.
  • Co-ordinate with other departments for maintenance program/practices Improvement /day to day functions, with a view to reduce Engineering Delays, MEL, Pilot Reports (PIREP’s).
  • Verify/Review and update operational/airworthiness documents such as MEL, Technical flight log format & its subsequent revisions & obtain necessary approval.
  • Evaluation/Assessment of Technical Documents such as AD/DGCA MM/SB/VSB/SL/SIL/OIT/TFU etc. for discussion in AD review meeting and apprise MCC/Maintenance Team of various inservice problems & solutions.
  • Review monthly Engineering statistical report and provide recommendations for improvement in Reliability
  • Conduct monthly ADRM, review and provide recommendations for modifications. Prepare AD/SB Assessment Form.
  • Verify/ Review of performance trend of aircraft fleet based on the APM data received from Operations Engineering Department. Action for any anomalies based on the acceptable deterioration of various performance parameters.
  • Coordination for the performance of check flights or ferry flight.
  • Responsible for Engineering Projects/Logistics/Planning etc. for Induction, Lease return including definition of SCN/MSCN for new a/c induction.
  • Attend Daily Delay/Defect Meeting. Review of Aircraft defects, delays and major checks finding for improvements.
  • Review of resources (Budget/Manpower/Technology/Equipment).
  • Development & evaluation of in-house tools & equipment (airframe) and process for approval by Quality Manager in accordance with MOE.
  • Development of local fabrication of parts (non-airworthiness) and approval in accordance with CAME/MOE.
  • Develop and monitor cabin maintenance program and ensure implementation to ensure cabin is maintained to the highest standards.
  • Coordinate with OEMs/vendors for product evaluation and implementation.

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