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Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to the carriage by air or by other means of transportation including surface transportation of Passengers and Baggage performed by us or on our behalf and to any liability we may have in relation to that carriage and transportation.

Fleet Details

Airbus A320:

1) Capacity 158 customers
2) Total Rows - 28
3) Exit Rows - 10,11
4) Non-reclining row – 9,10
5) Limited Reclining rows – 28
6) Infant – Max. 8 per flight.
7) Blind Customers - (Seeing Eye Dogs allowed).
8) Wheelchair – WCHR, WCHS, WCHC - (Max. 4 un-escorted).
9) UMNR customers – Max. 3 per flight.
10) Customers not to be seated in Emergency Exit rows:

a) Passenger with Infant.
b) Youth under 16 years.
c) Expectant Mothers.
d) Blind/Deaf customers.
e) Wheelchair cases.



Reservation Offices:
All TSAL reservation offices are equipped with booking services, ticketing and payment facilities. Customers can approach these offices for issuing tickets, refunding transactions and additional services.

TSAL bookings can be made via the following methods:

a) At Customer Service Cente by calling +91 928 922 8888 or +91 120 669 9901
b) Online:
c) At TSAL Airline Ticketing Offices
d) By authorized travel agents and online travel websites


Creation of Bookings/Reservations:

  • Customers can make reservations till 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure of any flight.
  • TSAL requires the customers to provide a telephone contact & E-mail address at the time of creating reservations.
  • When reservations are made through TSAL website, tickets have to be issued instantly.
  • While booking at the Customer Service Center or Airport Ticketing office, there is a facility to hold a booking and an option to make payment later, before the time limit elapses, along with making instant payments.
  • If any customer fails to purchase a ticket within the ticketing time limit, TSAL will cancel such reservations.


Ticketing fee:
A ticketing/reservation fee of INR 200 would be charged for all customers booking through Vistara Ticketing Offices, Vistara Customer Service centre.

  • Charges are applicable for all fresh bookings processed through Customer Service Centre and Vistara Airport Ticketing office.
  • The Ticketing fee is non-refundable.
  • Applicable on all modes of payments.
  • The charges of INR 200 are per customer, per transaction.

A ticketing/reservation fee of INR 150 would be charged for all customers booking through

  • Charges are applicable for all fresh bookings processed on
  • The Ticketing fee is non-refundable.
  • Applicable on Credit and Debit Card payments only.
  • The charges of INR 150 are per customer, per transaction.

Cancellation/Changes of Booked Services:
Cancellations and changes can be made through the following mediums:

a) At Customer Service Center : +91 928 922 8888 or +91 120 669 9901
b) At TSAL Airline Ticketing Offices
c) By issuing travel agents and Online travel websites
d) Cancellation or changes can be made within 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time failing which there could be extra fee levied for re-utilizing the ticket, depending on the fare type.

Rescheduling fee is waived off for CV Platinum members when change requests are placed through the Customer Service Center: +91 928 922 8888 or +91 120 669 9901 or TSAL Airline ticketing offices.

Armed Forces Discount:
Armed forces discount is applicable to all serving/retired Indian armed forces(Army/Navy/Airforce) and Paramilitary Forces personnel and their dependent families(dependent parents, spouse & children 12-26 Yrs) travelling at their own expense.

Armed forces discount is applicable to all Active Personnel of the following Para Military Forces and their family members travelling at their own expense:

  • Border Security Force
  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police
  • Coast Guards
  • Central Industrial Security Force
  • Central Reserve Police Force
  • Assam Rifles
  • Railway Protection Force
  • National Security Guard
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • SSB

Discount is applicable on select booking classes as mentioned below :

  • 15% discount on W, K, L ,H ,N ,M classes

Inventory offered on such fares will be limited.

  • 25 kg Baggage Allowance for serving & retired Indian Armed Forces Personnel and their family* members traveling together on Vistara.

*Family includes spouse, parents, and children. Armed forces ID required during travel.

A valid Identity Card issued by Indian Armed Forces is mandatory for travel. Boarding will be denied if this identity proof is not provided at check-in & at the boarding gate. Passengers should carry this proof of identification throughout the journey.



  • TSAL provides a wide range of fares for its esteemed customers in 3 cabin classes i.e. Business class, Premium Economy class and Economy class respectively.
  • All TSAL fares are quoted in Indian rupees (INR).
  • All fares are subject to change or withdrawal without any prior notice.
  • TSAL also offer certain fares having conditions which limits or exclude the customer’s right to change or refund the bookings.
  • Any change in the itinerary or dates of travel may result in a change in the fare to be paid as the fare is calculated in accordance with TSAL tariff rates. The fares are in effect on the date of payment for travel on the specific dates and Itinerary shown on it.
  • In case of a date change the new booking will be made in the same booking class or a higher booking class based on availability. It cannot be re-booked under a lower booking class or downgraded.


Refund Policy

TSAL’s Refund policy is in compliance to CAR, Section 3 – Air Transport Series ‘M’, Part II, Issue I, dated 22nd May 2008.

  • Refunds for tickets purchased through TSAL Reservation channels (i.e. Online website, Customer Service Center and Airline ticketing offices) through Credit / Debit Cards will be processed within 07 working days from the day of cancellation to the account of the card holder.
  • The refund of any ticket issued by a Travel Agent or Online travel portal must be processed through the issuing Travel Agent/Portal only.
  • If ticket has been issued by TSAL Ticketing offices through Cash transaction, the refund would be processed at any of the TSAL Ticketing offices only.
  • TSAL will refund the PSF collected from customers on non-utilization and cancellation of tickets.
  • TSAL shall refund all relevant surcharges (if applicable) along with the refund of the ticket.
  • TSAL does not offer/issue any travel certificate or document pertaining to future travel against refund of tickets. The money will be refunded as per process mentioned above.
  • TSAL does not offer refund of any ticket which has exceeded maximum validity of one year from the date of issue.

Forms of Payment

TSAL currently accepts:

  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • Netbanking
  • e-Wallet
  • American Express (Issued in India)
  • Cash, Debit Cards and Credit Cards of all banks (except Maestro Card) are accepted at the Airport Sales counter
  • Customer Service Center can accept payments through Net banking and the following credit cards (Issued in India):
    • Master Card
    • Visa
    • American Express

Foreign (Non-Indian) Credit Cards / Debit Cards are accepted by Vistara under the following conditions:

  • Visa, MasterCard and American Express Cards are accepted.
  • For all foreign (Non-Indian) credit / debit card payments, the card must be produced for physical verification at the airport check-in counter if the passenger is the cardholder. In case the cardholder is not traveling, it is mandatory for the passenger to furnish to the airport check-in staff a physical copy of the front side of credit / debit card duly authorized by the cardholder, along with cardholder’s valid proof of identification. In the absence of such credit / debit card or copy and/or identity mismatch, we will be constrained to refuse the boarding.


Seat Assignment

  • TSAL offers seating request at Airport check-in counters.
  • Customers can also select seating in all cabins at the time of booking.
  • TSAL customers can also select seats at the time of web check-in, 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • TSAL reserves the right to assign or re-assign seats at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft. This may be necessary for operational, safety and/or security reasons.
  • On all Vistara flights , seats in exit row 10th and 11th is chargeable . Charges are as follows:
    Exit row seat charges :

    Flight GroupFlight DetailsExit Row 10 & 11
    Non RecliningReclining
    Group 1Flights Less Than 90 minutes500600
    Group 2Flights More Than 90 minutes9001000
    Above charges are inclusive of Service Tax , Swacch Bharat Cess and Krishi Kalyan Cess

Baggage Allowance

Checked Baggage:

  • • TSAL customers can carry the following free check-in baggage based on the respective cabin travel (per customer):
    • Economy class cabin – 15kg
    • Premium Economy class – 20kg
    • Business class – 30kg
    • Infant customers – NIL

*Maximum dimension = length + height + width should not exceed 158cms.
* The maximum weight permissible in a single piece of baggage is 32 kgs. This rule is applicable on the entire network.
*TSAL customers can carry maximum 5 liters of alcohol in checked-in baggage. The liquor should be properly sealed and packed.
*TSAL has the following rules for carriage of LCD / LED TVs:

  • Maximum 2 LCD / LED TVs can be carried by one customer in checked in baggage.
  • Standard excess baggage charges will apply in addition to above if the total weight exceeds the free baggage allowance.
  • Maximum size of LED / LCD TV accepted for carriage is 55 inches.
  • Oversize baggage handling charge of INR 1000 will be collected additionally for LCD/LED TV’s (per television) between 39 to 55 inches.

Oversized Baggage:
TSAL will charge a flat fee of INR 1000 (per check-in bag), if exceeding the permitted dimensions of 158cms.

Hand Baggage:

  • TSAL customers can carry one piece of cabin baggage of 7kgs. (per customer excluding infants).
  • In addition to the normal cabin baggage, the following items are permitted to be carried on board:
    • Ladies purse/Hand bag
    • A camera or binoculars
    • A rug or a blanket
    • An overcoat or wrap
    • Reasonable amount of reading material for the flight
    • Infant's feed for consumption during the flight and infant's carrying basket, feeding bottle, if an infant is carried
    • A fully collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or braces for customer's use (only 1 per flight).
    • A Walking stick
    • An umbrella (Folding type)
    • Medicines required during Flight like Asthma inhaler etc.
    • A Laptop computer
  • Cabin Baggage should not exceed the sum of the 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) in excess of 45 inches or 115 centimeters.
  • As per notice issued by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Government of India, customers will not be allowed to carry in their hand baggage or on person- liquids, gels, or aerosols, which include beverages, shampoos, sun tan lotions, creams, tooth paste, hair gels, hair sprays, liquid cosmetics or any other items of similar consistency, exceeding 100 ml, except medicines, inhalers accompanied by prescriptions. These items should be carried in one clear transparent re-sealable, one-liter size plastic bag and will be subjected to the prescribed screening and security checks.
  • *Due to security regulations, no cabin baggage is allowed on any flights originating from Jammu and Srinagar airports.
  • *Carriage of ‘Kirpan’ by Sikh customers is permitted. A 'Kirpan' with a total maximum length of 9 inches (22.86 cms.), but a blade not exceeding 06 (six) inches (15.24 cms.), is permitted for carriage by a Sikh Customer on his person, within India or on an Indian Registered aircraft on Domestic routes of fully Domestic Flights within India, subject to the requirement of a Public Order. (BCAS Circular 14/2005).
  • *Carriage of Spare Lithium Ion Batteries

    I. Spare Lithium ion batteries may be carried as checked in or cabin baggage provided they are installed within and connected to the accompanied device. Carriage of spare Lithium ion batteries without an associated device or disengaged from the associated device will be permitted only as part of cabin baggage. Only Lithium ion batteries of watt-hour (Wh) rating above 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh, will be permitted.
    II. Spare batteries must be individually protected by ensuring each one is placed in the original retail packaging or by insulating the terminals, e.g. by taping over the exposed terminals and placing each battery in a separate plastic pouch to prevent short circuit.
    III. Spare Lithium Ion Batteries will not be permitted as part of checked in baggage.

Items Which Cannot Be Carried In Hand Baggage

  • Personal Items: Lighters, Scissors-metal with pointed tips, Realistic replica of toy weapon.

Sharp Objects

  • Box Cutters, Ice Axes/Ice Picks, Knives (any length and type except round-bladed, butter, and plastic cutlery), Meat Cleavers, Razor-type blades such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors, Sabres, Sword

Sporting Goods

  • Baseball Bats, Bows and Arrows, Cricket Bats, Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks, Lacrosse Sticks, Pool Cues, Ski Poles, Spear Guns.

Guns and Firearm

  • Ammunition, BB guns, Compressed Air Guns, Firearms, Parts of Guns and Firearms, Pellet Guns, Realistic Replicas of Firearms, Starter pistols.


  • Axes and hatchets, Cattle Prods, Crowbars, Hammers, Drills (including cordless portables power drills), Saws (including cordless portable power saws), Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits), Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers), Wrenches and Pliers.

Martial Arts/Self Defense Items

  • Billy Clubs, Black Jacks, Brass Knuckles, Kubatons, Mace/Pepper Spray, Martial Arts Weapons, Night Sticks, Nunchakus, Martial Arts/Self Defense Items, Stun Guns/Shocking Devices, Throwing Stars

Items Which Cannot Be Carried In Checked-in Baggage

  • Carriage of power banks, e-cigarettes and loose batteries are strictly prohibited.

5.5 Items Which Cannot Be Carried In Hand Baggage and even As Checked -in Baggage:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone

Explosive Materials

  • Such as Flare Guns, Gun Lighters and Gun Powder, Explosive material. Blasting caps, Dynamite, Fireworks, Flares (in any form), Hand Grenades, Plastic Explosives and Realistic Replicas of Explosives.
  • Compressed gases
  • Such as (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) Such as Butane, Oxygen, Liquid nitrogen and Aqualung cylinders. (deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous)

Flammable Items

  • Such as Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities), Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel), Gasoline, Gas Torches, Lighter Fluid, Strike anywhere matches, Turpentine and Paint Thinner, Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries
  • Oxidizing materials
  • Such as bleaching powder, peroxides
  • Poisonous and infectious substances
  • Such as insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials.
  • Radio-active materials


  • Such as acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries (except those in wheelchairs), oven or drain cleaners
  • Other dangerous articles
  • Such as magnetized, offensive or irritating materials. Briefcases and attaché cases with installed alarm devices

Restricted Items

  • Certain other items such as the following may be carried only with advance approval according to policies of TSAL, interlining carriers and local regulations
  • Battery-powered wheelchairs with spillable/non-spillable batteries, dry ice, portable medical electronic devices etc.

Missing or Lost Baggage:
When a customer makes a report for the loss (AHL), damage or pilferage (DPR) of his baggage, a copy of the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) must be completed. In addition, the following requirements must be satisfied:

The following details need to be furnished by customers:

  • Confirm the number of baggage pieces in customer's possession, out of total number checked-in.
  • Confirm the weight of baggage in customer's possession, as against the weight reflected in the "Checked Baggage" column of customer's ticket.
  • Ascertain the balance in weight which is the subject of the baggage irregularity report.
  • When a customer's missing baggage is located, take immediate steps to return baggage to customer, after ascertaining proof of ownership. All found properties to be tagged with a "Found Property Advice".
  • Keep customers informed of tracing efforts every 12 hours and report the updates in the World tracer file.
  • TSAL assumes no liability for (but not limited to) fragile or perishable items, money, keys, jewellery,electronic and photographic equipment, precious metals, silverware, negotiable papers, securities, or other valuables, business documents, medicines, medical documents, passports and other identification document, or samples, which are included in the guest's checked baggage with or without the knowledge of the Carrier. These articles are best hand carried.
  • The customer can also get assistance regarding the current status on phone number : 1860-108-9999 or +91 120 669 9901

Damaged Baggage:
In order to report damaged baggage, TSAL customers are requested to approach the nearest TSAL Airport staff upon arrival.

After ascertaining the facts a Damaged and Pilferage Report will be prepared. However the report not be prepared if a Limited Release Tag (LRT) is used and damage pertains to the release for which it is issued. The customer will be told of the conditions of the LRT and our limited liability.

TSAL bears no liability for wear and tear to baggage which includes:

  • Broken wheels or feet
  • Loss of external locks, security straps
  • Damage resulting from over packing and damage to retractable luggage handles
  • Damage to any protruding part of the baggage
  • Scratches, torn zippers, straps, handles, scuffs, dents soiling or manufacturer defects
  • Unsuitably packed, perishable, damaged or fragile baggage damaged during transport.
  • Minor cuts
  • Any other wear or tear


Extra baggage charges:

  • TSAL customers will be charged below mentioned amount per kg., if carrying more than the normal Check-in baggage allowance.
Cabin ClassEconomyPremium EconomyBusiness Class
Excess baggage
 INR 100* per Kg for first 5 Kg (over and above 15Kg baggage allowance)
INR 300* per Kg for beyond 20Kg
INR 300* per Kg for beyond 20Kg (including 15Kg baggage allowance)

INR 300* per Kg

*Excluding taxes

  • The payment will have to be made via Cash, Debit card or Credit card at the Airport Sales counter.


Sporting equipment:

The different categories of sporting equipment are defined as under:

Sporting EquipmentDefinition
BicycleNon-motorized touring or racing bicycles.
Fishing Equipment2 rods + 1 reel + 1 landing net + 1 pair of waders + tackle box
Golf Kit1 golf bag containing not more than 14 golf clubs + 12 golf balls + 1 pair of golf shoes
Paragliding EquipmentNon-motorized paragliding equipment. Motorized paragliding equipment and hang-gliding equipment are not permitted as baggage.
Scuba Diving Equipment1 empty scuba tank + 1 scuba regulator + 1 tank harness + 1 tank pressure gauge + 1 mask + 2 fins + 1 snorkel + 1 knife + 1 spear gun + 1 safety vest
Ski Kit Equipment1 pair of skis + 1 pair of ski poles + 1 pair of boots
Snow board1 snowboard + 1 pair of boots
SurfboardSurfboard of fibre glass.
Water Ski1 pair of standard water skis or 1 slalom water ski


  • Only 1 kit may be pooled in the free baggage allowance of the class of service used per customer. If not included in the free baggage allowance, normal excess baggage charges will apply.

Cancellation Of Flights  


a) The Indian Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR Section 3 - Air Transport, Series ‘M’ Part IV, Issue I, dated 6Aug 2010, effective 15Aug, 2010) governs the facilities to be provided to customers by airlines due to denied boarding, cancellation of flights and delays in flights.
b) This applies to domestic flights within India.

Extraordinary Circumstances:

a) TSAL is not obliged to pay compensation or provide facilities where cancellations and delays have been caused by an event of force majeure i.e. extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the airline, the impact of which lead to the cancellation/delay of flight(s), and, which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken by the airline. Such extraordinary circumstances may in particular occur due to political instability, natural disaster, civil war, insurrection or riot, flood, explosion, government regulation or order affecting the aircraft, strikes and labour disputes causing cessation, slowdown or interruption of work or any other factors that are beyond the control of the airline.
b) Additionally, TSAL would also not be liable to pay any compensation in respect of cancellations and delays clearly attributable to Air Traffic Control (ATC), meteorological conditions, security risks, or any other causes that are beyond the control of the airline but which affect their ability to operate flights on schedule.

Extraordinary circumstances should be deemed to exist where the impact of an air traffic management decision in relation to a particular aircraft or several aircraft on a particular day, gives rise to a long delay or delays, or any overnight delay, or the cancellation of one or more flights by that aircraft, and which would not be avoided even though the airline concerned had taken all reasonable measures to avoid or overcome of the impact of the relevant factor and, therefore, the delays or cancellations.

Exceptions: The following are not considered within the airline control

  • Bandh
  • Bird Strike
  • Operating Crew unable to reach due congestion on roads.
  • Security congestion at airport terminals
  • Delays in departure due to Offloading due Gate No-shows
  • Consequential delay due to late arrival of the incoming aircraft due to congestion

Responsibilities and facilitation of services:

In compliance with the Indian Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR Section 3 - Air Transport, Series ‘M’ Part IV, Issue I, dated 6Aug 2010, effective 15Aug, 2010), the following is applicable:

a) In case of flight cancellation, TSAL shall endeavour to inform customers at least 2 weeks before scheduled departure and arrange alternate flight/refund as acceptable to customer
b) TSAL shall try to offer alternate flight departing within 2 hours of booked scheduled departure, incase information about cancellation is provided to the customer less than two weeks before and upto 24 hours of booked scheduled departure.
c) Points a), b) are applicable, provided customer's relevant contact information is available e.g. working telephone numbers (Landline or mobile) or E-mail ID has been provided in the reservation. (Travel agency and sub-agent office contact details are not deemed to be sufficient contact details.)
d) If TSAL fails to inform customer as per points a),b),c), it shall refund the ticket amount and provide compensation as follows:
Flight Block TimeCompensation Amount (INR), whichever is less
Upto & including 1 hour5,000 or booked one-way basic fare + fuel charge
>1 hour & upto & including 2 hours7,500 or booked one-way basic fare + fuel charge
>2 hours10,000 or booked one-way basic fare + fuel charge


Customers not sharing relevant contact information in the reservation, will not be entitled to any financial compensation. TSAL shall either refund the ticket or endeavour to make alternate travel arrangements as per customer’s choice.

TSAL shall offer customers meals & refreshments free of charge, if they have already reported to the airport as per original flight time and are waiting for the alternate flight.

Mode of compensation

a) TSAL shall offer customers the above mentioned compensation in the following modes:

  • Cash, or
  • Bank transfer, or
  • TSAL options, if the customer deems fit with an acknowledged indemnity, signed or via e-mail

    Customer indemnity will be accepted via mail and at the airport

b) Additionally, TSAL customer’s shall be offered the choice between the following options:

  • Refund of air ticket at the price it was purchased.
  • A flight to the first point of departure.
  • Alternate transportation under comparable/alternate mode of transport (whenever applicable), to the final destination.
  • Alternate transportation under comparable/alternate mode of transport (whenever applicable), to the final destination at a later date at the customer’s convenience, subject to availability of seats.

c) Once a compensation alternative has been selected and finalized, the customer will not have the option to switch to another form of compensation.

Refund the ticket price

In the event if customers do not wish to travel instead on an alternate or subsequent flight of the carrier concerned or if so desired by the customers, provide them alternate travel opportunities at no additional cost.

Provide facilities for the customer(s) at the airport:

  • Meals & Refreshments in relation to waiting time for all customers.
  • Hotel Accommodation when necessary, including transfers. Selection of hotels will be as per TSAL policy. Local residents will be provided to/fro transfers via cab facility.
  • Special attention must be given to the needs of customers with disabilities/PRMD and any other person accompanying them.

*Once a compensation alternative has been selected and finalized, the customer will not have the option to switch to another form of compensation.


  • No monetary compensation will be payable to customers who have not provided adequate contact information at the time of making booking or purchasing the ticket. In respect of such customers TSAL will either refund the ticket prices or make reasonable endeavor to make alternate travel arrangements as per choice of the customers. In respect of such customers who elect to travel to their destination on an alternate TSAL flight, the airline will provide them with reasonable facilities during the period during the waiting time at the airport as mentioned above.
  • If the customer does not accept the alternate travel arrangements provided by TSAL.
  • TSAL is not obliged to provide monetary compensation when the cause of the cancellation is not within its control as described under Extraordinary Circumstances.

Flight Delays

a) If a customer has checked in on time, and the airline expects a delay beyond its original announced schedule time of departure (STD) or a revised time of departure (ETD) of:-

i. 2 hours or more in cases of flights having a block time of up to 2 1/2 hours or
ii. 3 hours or more in case of flights having a block time of more than 2 1/2 hours and up to 5 hours or
iii. 4 hours or more in cases of flights not falling under a) and b) as above then, TSAL is obliged to provide the affected customer facilities at the airport as mentioned above under ‘Provide facilities for the customer(s) at the airport’.

b) TSAL shall not be obliged to adhere to paragraph ‘Provide facilities for the customer(s) at the airport’ if the cause for the delay is not within TSAL’s control as described under Extraordinary Circumstances.

c) When the reasonably expected time of departure is more than 24 hours after the scheduled time of departure previously announced, TSAL shall provide facilities to the customers in accordance with the provisions of ‘Provide facilities for the customer(s) at the airport’

Denied Boarding

In compliance with the Indian Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR Section 3 - Air Transport, Series ‘M’ Part IV, Issue I, dated 6Aug 2010, revision effective 1Aug, 2016), the following is applicable where TSAL is liable to pay compensation to customers who are denied boarding:

a) In case of overbooking of flight, TSAL will ask for volunteers to give up their seats so as to make seats available for the other booked customers in exchange for benefits as deemed fit by TSAL.

b) In case if a customer is denied boarding against their will, TSAL will try its best to arrange an alternate flight, that is scheduled to depart within one hour of the original schedule departure time of the initial reservation. Failing to do so, TSAL shall compensate the passengers as follows:

Scheduled departure of alternate flight v/s initial reservationCompensation Amount(INR)Maximum Limit(INR)
Within 24 hours200% of booked one-way basic fare + fuel charge10,000
More than 24 hours400% of booked one-way basic fare + fuel charge20,000
Customer refuses alternate flight400% of booked one-way basic fare + fuel charge20,000 + Full Refund
c) If a customer booked on connecting flights, is delayed at departure station due to denied boarding and arrives at the final destination at least three hours later than the scheduled arrival time, TSAL (if it’s the first carrier) shall compensate him/her as per point b) above.

Mode of compensation

TSAL shall offer customers the above mentioned compensation in the following modes:

  • Cash, or
  • Bank transfer, or
  • Travel Vouchers (offered by TSAL staff with a signed indemnity)   

     Customer indemnity will be signed in any situation


Right to refuse carriage:
A customer can be refused a seat/denied boarding on the flight if:

  • The customer fails to observe the TSAL’s safety rules and regulations.
  • The customer is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs.
  • The customer exhibits behaviour or appearance that might be objectionable or offensive to other guests.
  • The customer requires medical assistance during flight but is not accompanied by an escort.
  • The customer is an expectant mother beyond 32 weeks of pregnancy or a mother within 7 days of giving birth.
  • The customer fails to present himself/herself and his/her baggage for security check.
  • Customer apparently is suffering from infectious or contagious disease.
  • The applicable fare or any charges or taxes payable by the customer, have not been paid
  • The Itinerary or the Booking is counterfeit or has been obtained fraudulently
  • The customer checking in or boarding, cannot prove that he/she is the person named as the customer on the Itinerary (in which case, TSAL reserves the right to deny boarding).
  • The customer does not have proper and/or adequate travel documentation

Responsibility for the exclusion of any person of one of the above categories rests with TSAL representatives where applicable, who will confer with the pilot in command of the aircraft when necessary.

In the case of customers who are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and drugs and/or whose behaviour might be objectionable or offensive, TSAL representatives and the Security in-charge on duty shall take a joint decision to refuse carriage.

Customer Grievance Redressal   

In the case of flight cancellations, delay or denied boarding situation, if customers have not been provided with the compensation and reasonable facilities as listed in the above policy, they may directly intimate the below officials, who have been designated for redressal of the customer grievances

Nodal Officer: Ms. Jyoti Dhingra
Email ID:

Special Assistance

We offer a number of services for customers who may be in need of special assistance. If you require special assistance, we recommend you keep in mind the following:

  • Make your reservation as early as possible to allow us to serve your needs better.
  • Any requirement for assistance/special needs must be conveyed at least 48 hours prior to travel by contacting our Customer Service Centre on +91 928 922 8888 or +91 120 669 9901. However, we advise you to convey this information as early as possible.
  • Let our ground staff and cabin crew know of your requests upon check-in or at the departure gate.
  • Check-in at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure to ensure a seamless flight experience.
  • All fit to fly certificates must be issued by treating physicians in accordance with specific cases.
  • Customers who are not self-reliant (capable of taking care of all their physical needs independently in-flight) are required to travel with a ticketed companion for assistance.
  • For any on board oxygen requirement, customer will have to apply for medical clearance (MEDA) process of the company. Only airline provided oxygen cylinders are allowed inside aircraft cabin. Personal oxygen cylinders are not allowed inside aircraft cabin/in hand baggage due to safety and security reasons.
  • If there is any oxygen requirement by the customer (as indicated in MEDIF form) while on ground (that is before boarding the aircraft or after disembarkation from the aircraft or while awaiting at terminal building during transit flights etc., same will have to be arranged and any additional cost (if applicable) will be borne by customer or their representatives themselves.
  • Any medical equipment carried on board should be battery operated (if applicable) and spare batteries to be carried to cover flight delays and diversions.
  • Only FAA approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) are allowed on board aircraft. List of FAA approved POCs can be found at,
  • Any medical equipment carried on board should be battery operated (if applicable) and spare batteries to be carried to cover flight delays and diversions.
  • Any medical equipment/items etc. carried on board the aircraft are also subject to security checks by airport security agency (like CISF, CRPF, Police etc.) on the day of travel. Hence customer is advised to carry technical brochures and medical documents/certificates in hand baggage on the day of travel. In case of any observation/objection during security checks by airport security agency, their decision is final and binding on all parties.


Also refer to section on ‘Medical Cases’, below for additional information. If you are unable to find the relevant information below, please get in touch with our Customer Service Centre on +91 928 922 8888 or +91 120 669 9901 who will be more than happy to address your queries.

Club Vistara

For detailed Club Vistara T&Cs please click here

Meal & Seat Request

Seat Request

  • Seats can be pre-assigned to all Cabin classes i.e. Business, Premium Economy class and Economy class (both generic and specific).
  • However there will be restrictions to some rows in all Cabin Classes which will be non-saleable.
  • There will be no Bassinet seats made available to customers carrying infants.

Meal Request
Meal requests need to be updated in all reservations at time of booking. TSAL offers both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meal options. Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and Fruit Platter meal requests are accepted until five hours prior to departure.

Rest all other meals are considered special meals and should be updated/accepted only until 24 hours prior to departure. Dietary meals are vegetarian preparations by default. The current list of meals provided on board is mentioned below-

  • Asian Vegetarian Meal
  • Baby Meal
  • Bland Meal
  • Child Meal
  • Diabetic Meal
  • Fruit Platter Meal
  • Gluten Free Meal
  • Non Vegetarian Meal
  • Low Calorie Meal
  • Low Cholesterol Meal
  • Low Salt Meal
  • Low Lactose Meal
  • Vegetarian Jain Meal
  • Vegetarian Lacto Meal
  • Vegetarian Oriental Meal


    We serve hot or cold meals depending on the departure time and duration of your flight. For flights of up to 40 minutes, cold refreshments are offered.

    Boarding Pass Exclusives

    1. You must present your original Vistara boarding pass or e-boarding pass (“Boarding Pass”), to the aforesaid programme partners (“Partner”)  before making payment to the Partner to request the applicable discounts, offers, privileges etc under the aforesaid Vistara Boarding Pass Exclusive Programme (the “Programme”).  In order to avail the discounts, the Boarding Pass is required to be presented within 7 days of travel, for instance, for travel date of 1st November, 2015 the Boarding Pass can be presented till 8thNovember, 2015

    2. TATA SIA Airlines Limited (“Vistara”) does not make any warranties or representations about the quality, merchantability, suitability or availability of the products/services offered by the Partners. You acknowledge that Vistara does not endorse, control or guarantee the quality or fitness of any such products/services. Any dispute in relation to delivery, suitability, merchantability, availability, fitness or quality of the products/services availed under the Programme must be referred by the customer directly to the Partner.

    3. Vistara is not an agent or an  intermediary of any Partner. The Partner reserves the right the contract with you and your Boarding Pass only qualifies you to contract with the Partner. Vistara does not control the Partner and cannot compel them to contract with you. Vistara will not be party to any contract that you enter into with any Partner.

    4. Vistara shall not be responsible, or liable whatsoever to any person, for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental loss, damage, claims, bodily injury or death arising from the purchase, use or non-use of any products/services under the Programme.

    5. Vistara may change or terminate part or the whole of the Programme at any time without notice.

    6. The Programme is subject to availability of the products/services with the Partner.

    7. The Programme shall be governed by the laws of India. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Programme shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi.

    8. By availing the offer under the Programme, the customers shall be deemed to have accepted all the aforesaid terms and conditions.


    We endeavour to make your journey hassle-free, starting with numerous options for check-in. However, regardless of how you check-in, please note that check-in will close 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Customers are also expected to be present at the boarding gate at least 25 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

     Online Check-InMobile Check-InAirport Check-In
      Availability  48 hours before scheduled departure48 hours before scheduled departure2.5 hours before scheduled departure


    Web Check-in Terms and Conditions

    • Customers may check-in on our website or using our mobile app and they will receive e-Boarding Pass (Web and Mobile Boarding Pass) on their preferred email address.
    • Please note that web check-in will close 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Customers are also expected to be present at the boarding gate at least 25 minutes prior to the departure time.
    • Please read the notes printed on your boarding pass carefully.
    • Vistara reserves the right to change the seats for the customers (checked-in using Web Check-in) to occupy Emergency exit seats in order to comply with safety regulations or a change in aircraft configuration.
    • It is mandatory to produce a Web Check-in boarding pass for security clearance as well as for boarding. A valid Photo identification (Official Government issued photo identification, Driving license, Election photo identification, Passport), Photo credit card may be requested any time at the airport.


    Web Check-in is not available for:-

    • Customers with special service requests such as wheel chairs, extra seats, visual and hearing impairment, unaccompanied minors, stretcher etc.
    • Staff travel, Industry Discount tickets, upgrade vouchers and agent discount tickets.
    • International credit card bookings where card verification is required before boarding the flight. The intimation for the same is sent to the card holder’s email mentioned in the booking reference.
    • Groups of more than nine people on the same booking


    Important Points

    • Customers can make changes to the seat preference.
    • Customers cannot offload themselves through Web or Mobile check-in.
    • Customers having any check-in baggage, the bags will have to be presented along with a valid photo ID to our airport check-in counter before the counter closure time which is at least 45 minutes prior to departure of the flight.
    • If the customer is not able to reach the gate before the boarding gate closure (25 minutes prior), the customer will be offloaded from the flight and the ticket would be considered as No Show. The No Show policy as per the fare rules will applicable on the same.
    • If a customer is not carrying the printed copy of the boarding card, the same can be collected from the check-in counter by providing a valid photo ID, before 45minutes to departure of the flight.



    Vistara Lounge

    • Vistara Lounge is present at Terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi. The Lounge is open to Business Class Customers and Club Vistara Gold Members only.
    • All customers must present their Vistara boarding pass along with a photo ID for same-day travel upon entry to the lounge.
    • The lounge is operational between 0400 hours – till the last departure for the day.
    • Vistara reserves the right to limit access of the lounge during high-traffic times when the lounge is at or near capacity.
    • Vistara reserves the right to modify pricing, benefits, services, hours, lounge accessibility terms and reciprocal lounge agreements at any time with or without written notice to its members and customers.


    Travel Certificates

    • Vistara charges a nominal fee of INR 200 per ticket, per customer towards each Travel Certificate requested for any Vistara flight.


    Friends And Family Fare

    1) For Economy and Premium Economy Class: A minimum of four (4) and maximum of nine (9) passengers (excluding Infant) can be booked under this fare.
    For Business Class: A minimum of two (2) and maximum four (4) passengers can be booked under this fare.
    2) These fares are available for booking made only on
    3) These fares are valid for one-way travel only.
    4) These fares are valid on direct flights and are applicable for sale in India only.
    5) Changes & Cancellation in respect of the bookings made under these fares can only be done via Customer Service Centre
    6) Cancellation in respect of the booking made under this fare shall only be permissible if minimum of two (04) passengers are retained in the booking for Economy and Premium economy class and if minimum of two (2) passengers are retained in the booking for Business class
    7) These fares are not applicable on the following routes for Business Class booking:

    8) Fare rules subject to Vistara’s terms and conditions applicable to respective cabin class and fare family will apply.
    9) Flight schedules and timings are subject to regulatory approvals and may be revised without advance notice. For detailed terms and conditions, log on to
    10) Vistara reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, to add, alter, modify, change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions or to replace wholly or in part, the above offer by another offer, whether similar to above offer or not, or to withdraw it altogether.


    Terms & Conditions (Croma Vouchers)

    • All customers booking through or Vistara Mobile app are eligible to receive a Croma Voucher.
    • The Voucher enables customers to get Flat INR 500 off on a purchase of INR 2000 and above at any Croma store ( not valid at and at Airport stores )
    • Voucher is valid upto 31st March 2017
    • The Voucher Code has to be shared with the Croma store staff at the billing counter to avail the discount/offer
    • This Voucher has no monetary value and cannot be redeemed, in part or full, for cash
    • The Voucher will be mailed to the customer within 15 working days of making the booking
    • This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers
    • Vistara and Croma reserve the right to modify, discontinue or terminate this arrangement, at any point without prior notice
    • This offer shall be governed by the laws of India. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi
    • By claiming this offer, the customers shall be deemed to have accepted all the aforesaid terms and conditions
    • One Voucher will be entitled per booking/PNR