Is it compulsory to provide GST registration details?

Goods And Services Tax (gst) FAQs

It is not compulsory to provide GST details. GST registration details for your business or company may be optionally provided if a customer wishes to claim input tax credit on the GST paid if travelling for business reasons.

For all other customers, GST details are not required.

What is the GST rate applied on my ticket?

From 1st July 2017, customers will be charged GST which will replace Service tax, Krishi Kalyan Cess and Swachh Bharat Cess.

For customers travelling in Business and Premium Economy, the applicable GST rate is 12%. For customer travelling in Economy, the applicable GST rate is 5%.

What details are required to claim input tax credit on the GST paid?

Customers claiming GST are required to provide the following information relating to their business or company –

  • Registered GST Name
  • Registered GST Number
  • Registered GST Address
  • Registered GST Contact Number
  • Registered GST Email Address (where we will send the invoice).


Where do I enter my GST details?

For tickets purchased directly through our website, you can provide your company’s GST details on the booking confirmation page after payment by simply clicking on “Add GST Details” and following the instructions provided therein.

For tickets purchased through our call center and airport ticketing offices, please ask our executive to record your GST details in your PNR while making the booking.

If there are multiple customers on one Booking reference number (PNR), do I need to give GST details for all?

No it is not compulsory to give GST details for all customers. In the booking confirmation page, one will have the option of providing GST details for each individual traveler. One may choose to fill in the details for only those travelers who wish to claim the input tax credit for the GST paid. Also, each individual traveler may have different GST details.

What if I book my flight through an OTA/Travel Agent. Can I still claim input tax credit on GST paid?

Yes. But please ensure that your OTA/Travel Agent records your GST details correctly in your booking. Vistara itself will only capture GST details for booking make directly with Vistara.

What if I forgot to provide my GST details or I provided incorrect GST details?

Please visit our Customer Self-service GST Portal after 4 days of ticket purchase. You could add or update your GST details for your tickets and download your Invoice or receive it over email.

When will I receive the GST invoice for my ticket?

Your GST invoice is usually emailed within 4 days of ticket purchase to the GST Email Address provided at the time of booking the ticket. If you do not receive it after 4 days, please visit our Customer Self-service GST Portal.

Can I update my GST details on my ticket through the Vistara Call Centre?

For all Vistara booking you could update the GST details through our Customer Self-service GST Portal.

I have provided my GST details, but I haven’t received my GST invoice?

If you haven’t received your GST invoice, please visit our Customer Self-service GST Portal.

I have a different query or issue on GST for my Vistara ticket?

If you have already visited our Customer Self-service GST Portal but your issue persists, you may write to us at

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